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Collaborating on Vision

Collaborating on Vision

How do you build a great product with a team? Do you need a luminary? Or can you work together to decide on a collective vision? Let’s explore what team vision looks like, how it can work, and what needs to be in place to allow it to happen correctly.

Steve Smith

June 12, 2014

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  1. COLLABORATING Collaborating on Vision Deciding what to do together, together.

    Steve Smith • @orderedlist
  2. Let’s talk about WHY vision needs collaboration.

  3. WHY? People on a team have areas of expertise.

  4. WHY? People on a team have areas of responsibility.

  5. WHY? But, the idea and the project belong to everybody.

  6. WHY? Your coworkers deserve to feel empowered.

  7. WHY? Everyone needs to know what why they’re building.

  8. WHY? Spirit vs. the letter of the law.

  9. WHY? After all, our work is intended for people.

  10. WHY? We use the term audience.

  11. WHY? If we have an audience, our work is a

  12. WHY? Like music, our work is more than just notes

    and words.
  13. WHY? A good performance needs soul and emotion.

  14. WHY? It requires understanding, not just knowing the song.

  15. WHY? Our work is the performance of an idea, a

    collaboration on a purpose.
  16. WHY? Knowing why is empowering It gives a collective sense

    of direction
  17. WHY? Quality is everyones job Understand the purpose to judge

  18. WHY? Empowered people care They make things better

  19. Great, but HOW do we do it?

  20. HOW? Talk to each other. All the time.

  21. HOW? Brainstorming is different than collaboration.

  22. HOW? Brainstorming is working on a problem.

  23. HOW? Brainstorming can happen organically.

  24. HOW? Collaboration is working on a solution.

  25. HOW? Collaboration must happen intentionally.

  26. HOW? Collaborate over a proposed solution, not a vague idea.

  27. HOW? Favor text over voice for making decisions.

  28. HOW? Keep a record of how you made the decision.

  29. HOW? Allow everyone to participate in refining an idea.

  30. HOW? That does not mean it’s a free-for-all.

  31. HOW? Respect your teammates experience.

  32. HOW? Respect your teammates voice.

  33. HOW? Respect your teammates.

  34. HOW? Ask the right questions.

  35. HOW? Why are we doing it this way? BAD

  36. HOW? Why are we doing it this way? GOOD

  37. HOW? Allow the idea to evolve.

  38. HOW? Allow initial assumptions to be proven incorrect.

  39. HOW? Allow yourself to be wrong. It’s OK. I promise.

  40. HOW? What’s that process look like?

  41. HOW? At GitHub, it’s constantly changing

  42. HOW? For initial conversations, we use Pull Requests

  43. HOW?

  44. HOW?

  45. HOW?

  46. HOW? But in reality, use what works for you

  47. HOW? Communicate with people Mind your words, they are important

  48. HOW? Document your decisions People need context

  49. HOW? Be flexible Adapt the idea as you work and

  50. HOW? Encourage real feedback Let others make your work better

  51. Together we can make GREAT things. Thank you!