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12 Leadership Hacks For Building Great Teams

12 Leadership Hacks For Building Great Teams

"People don't quit their job, they quit their boss"

Ever wondered if there is a way to systematically get better as a manager? What if you could apply concepts such as "code reviews" to your managerial decisions? What if you could learn how to help your teammates become more productive without micro-manage them?

Managing people is hard, I know because I’m a practitioner, not a theorist. Learn from detailed insights, based on building, growing and mentoring teams and managers over the last 6 years.

In this talk, you will learn 12 pragmatic and actionable ways to boost your management skills.


Oren Ellenbogen

July 08, 2013


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  3. said: I am reminded every day that engineers leave managers

    not companies. Managers, this should keep you up at night. -- @eliast
  4. Mike Myatt said: Great leaders create culture by design, while

    average leaders allow culture to evolve by default
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  6. • Full-stack Engineer @ Commerce Sciences • ex. Sears Israel

    Director of Engineering • Blog: • I tweet @orenellenbogen You can call me bogen (pronounced: BOO-GEN)

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  13. Photo credit: ekampf

  14. Scaling humans is hard.

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  16. Reminder No more “one man show”. Sorry. (subtle)

  17. Then Now The real question: How do you make your

    teammates X10 better?
  18. Measure your own journey as a leader (self-management) Little things

    you can do to inspire your team Avoid the local maxima trap
  19. Create a system where you can proactively learn from others

    tool #
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  22. Confidence  trust and openness tool #

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  24. Intentional peer pressure will create learning opportunities tool #

  25. Break feature into small pieces together Create interfaces & mocks

    Task A Task A Task B Task B Task C Task C Integration … … Peer pressure Code review Co-ownership Design + Estimation skills
  26. tool # Reduce philosophical debates and unicorn-style solutions

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  28. said: Embrace simplicity in your product and in your code.

    The value is in what gets used, not what gets built. -- @kgale
  29. How would we know if it’s working or not? Will

    it be easy to… 1. Add new features? 2. Change existing feature? 3. Get a new teammate to become productive?
  30. “Pull” < “Push” (particularly in a leading position) tool #

  31. Will save you from: 1. Constant double-checking (your boss &

    peers) 2. Wasting mental energy “cycles” Don’t underestimate the 2nd bullet.
  32. Measure your own journey as a leader (self-management)  

    Little things you can do to inspire your team Avoid the local maxima trap
  33. HR shouldn’t be responsible for your team’s happiness vibe #

  34. • Welcoming new employee • Birthdays and holidays • Life

    changing events • Fun days for the team Don’t be a technical robot
  35. Show that you care about their success vibe #

  36. We are all great at something.

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  38. vibe # What makes you different?


  40. One little poster… Cost: $20 + 15 minutes Value: 

  41. The last person to join the company is responsible to

    create a “starter kit” for the next one to join Hires How To Use Your Unfair Advantage To Create an Unforgettable First Day For New Read more:
  42. Leading by example means to put yourself in their shoes

    too vibe #
  43. To a level where you can: 1. Conduct an intelligent

    conversation. 2. Provide feedback. 3. Help with prioritization. Can they own it? Can they educate the team?
  44. It’s a 2-side commitment vibe #

  45. “He’s young and bit arrogant, but so incredibly talented! No

    one seems to enjoy working with him, but I know I can fix it!” My painful lesson learned: Do not invest yourself and your team in people who don’t want to learn and improve.
  46. Fact: work produces more work vibe #

  47. 1. Celebrate milestones 2. Show gratitude for effort 3. Create

    a tradition for small wins 
  48. Measure your own journey as a leader (self-management) Little things

    you can do to inspire your team Avoid the local maxima trap
  49. • There is no way to get radically better other

    than pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. • Read and follow companies and individuals who drive you crazy with passion and admiration.
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  53. photo credit JD Hancock

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