2015 OSCON - Security Best Practices as Code

2015 OSCON - Security Best Practices as Code

Assimilation Presentation at OSCON featuring security best practices. Video at https://youtu.be/SsiKLqxz3Yo

The statistics on system management are alarming - 30% of all break-ins come through systems people have lost track of, 90% of all organizations have failures of services they aren’t monitoring, 80% of all organizations are unable to keep their systems in compliance after getting them there initially, and 30% admit that they rarely start monitoring until after they have a problem, 30% of all systems are doing nothing useful, and admins of larger sites often don’t know the inter-dependencies between systems, services, and switches.

The Assimilation System Management Suite helps you deal with these problems by creating a detailed graph database and driving audits, monitoring, and security policies from it in a way that scales like nothing else, and providing detailed data of what changed and what happened, and each piece relates to the other to help determine the root cause of an outage.

Event Link: http://assimilationsystems.com/events/oscon-2015/


Alan Robertson

July 23, 2015