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Education for All

92dfeb863138a5a9c0453ed80f9c8c75?s=47 Pamela Fox
February 23, 2021

Education for All

How can educational resources be brought online in a scalable and accessible manner?

Slides were presented at HackThis, an education focused hackathon, in August 2020.


Pamela Fox

February 23, 2021


  1. Education for All Pamela Fox, Khan Academy

  2. My background: College USC Computer Science + Linguistics + 3D

    Animation Projects
  3. My journey in EdTech Google Maps API Developer Advocate Frontend

    Engineer Computing Content Creator
  4. Digitized learning

  5. Online video ucing-the-key-concepts-and-social-challenges Video with Transcript + Notes +

  6. Computerized practice ction/e/reconstruction g/programming/interactive-programs/pc/challenge-tasty-tomato Multiple Choice with feedback

    Coding Challenge with hints
  7. Interactive simulations :lx_simulation:1 /effects/particle/pi/fireworks-simulator

  8. Personalization

  9. Progress tracking

  10. Recommendations

  11. Education should be... • Global • Accessible • Inclusive •

  12. Global

  13. Translations obeni-a-deleni/xa8685ed041b30ff1:slovni-ulohy-na-nasobeni-a-de leni/e/multi-step-word-problems-with-whole-numbers bdc88:algebraic-expressions/x97334f8bf68bdc88:adding-and-subtracti ng-polynomials/e/add---subtract-polynomials--two-variables-challenge

  14. RTL support

  15. Mobile access

  16. Zero-rating

  17. Offline access

  18. Accessible

  19. Keyboard accessible

  20. Screen reader support <h1>All about cats</h2> <p>Want to learn

    about cats? You’ve come to the right place!</p> <h2>Cat breeds</h2> <ul> <li> Maine coon <li>Siberian <li>Domestic shorthair </ul> Semantic HTML: <img src=”jackson.jpg” alt=”A large black and white fluffy cat sitting under a tree”> Alternate text for visuals:
  21. ASL explanations

  22. Physical interfaces

  23. Reduced motion @media (prefers-reduced-motion: reduce) { button { animation: none;

    } } @media (prefers-reduced-motion: no-preference) { button { animation: spin 0.3s linear infinite both; } } Sign up now! CSS media queries:
  24. Inclusive

  25. Names Random name generator:

  26. Gender Gender selector: Gender: A non-binary association of characteristics within

    the broad spectrum between masculinities and femininities. class Person() { constructor(string name, []string gender, string pronoun) { = name; this.gender = gender; this.pronoun = pronoun; } } new Person(“Hunter”, [“male”], “he”); new Person(“Lee”, [“female”, “non-binary”], “they”); new Person(“Emily”, [“female”], “she”); Storing gender:
  27. Sexual orientation

  28. Multilingualism

  29. Translanguaging Intentionally leverage students’ diverse language practices for

  30. Culturally responsive

  31. Equitable

  32. Measure impact For each potential innovation, this means asking:

    “Does this proposal increase or decrease inequality among our members?” or, more specifically, “Does this proposal benefit members with low social capital as much as it benefits well-connected members?” From LinkedIn: A/B testing that measures fairness and inequality
  33. Avoid academic tracking Tracking: designating students for separate educational paths

    based on their academic performance
  34. Consider those without computers/Internet Approaches:

  35. Don’t become a tool for punishment

  36. How can you make education more... • Global? • Accessible?

    • Inclusive? • Equitable?