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Docz - It has never been so easy to document your things!

Docz - It has never been so easy to document your things!

Pedro Nauck

June 16, 2018

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  1. Zero config and easy ⚡ Blazing Fast Easy to customize

    MDX Based Pluggable Typescript and Flow Support Solution
  2. Blazing fast ➡ Fast build with webpack 4 ➡ Automatic

    code splitting ➡ Hot reload that works
  3. MDX Based ➡ Markdown with components ➡ Easy to write

    and understand ➡ Built-ins components ➡ Remark and Rehype ecosystem
  4. Is a tree representation of the abstract syntactic structure of

    source code written in a programming language AST
  5. 1. Parse: Text => MDAST 2. Transpile: MDAST => MDXAST

    3. Transform: MDX/Remark plugins applied to AST 4. Transpile: MDXAST => MDXHAST 5. Transform: Hyperscript plugins applied to AST 6. Transpile: MDXHAST => JSX Transpilation Flow
  6. Write app files ‣ Write app files using node file

    system for bundle ‣ Render theme, wrappers and router Start devserver ‣ Start bundler dev server ‣ Get configuration from plugins ‣ Watch mdx and configuration file using chokidar Create data ‣ Server communication with Websockets Parse entries ‣ Get meta information using AST parsing
  7. ➡ Testing documentation generation ➡ Vue, Preact and Inferno integration

    ➡ Static builds based on routes (SSR) ➡ Render popups on the fly (action logger) ➡ Fetch data (getInitialData) ➡ …
  8. ✅ Create something that you're really going to use ✅

    Explore the current pains and work upon them ✅ Work hard to build something good ✅ Be patient, your project isn’t a startup ✅ Try to find the way between an MVP and a perfect project ✅ Make a badass announcement and documentation