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API as a growth tool for your startup

API as a growth tool for your startup

Talk given at Ekito in March 2016 in Toulouse (http://www.meetup.com/StartupEvening/events/229786248/?eventId=229786248)

Why you need to use APIs?
Why you need to have your own API?
Which type of API?
Pivot to API?

Nicolas Grenié

March 31, 2016

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  1. Nicolas Grenié - !picsoung APIs as a growth tool for

    your startup Toulouse, March 31, 2016 Nicolas Grenié @picsoung Hacker in Residence at 3scale.net @3scale
  2. Nicolas Grenié - !picsoung API API

  3. Nicolas Grenié - !picsoung @picsoung

  4. Nicolas Grenié - !picsoung 3scale.net/jobs

  5. Nicolas Grenié - !picsoung 700+ clients worldwide billions of API

    calls per month
  6. Application

  7. Nicolas Grenié - !picsoung API = available data for developers

  8. Nicolas Grenié - !picsoung Example

  9. " # What type of API?

  10. # Web (REST) APIs

  11. Use API!

  12. You are a small team $ $ $ biz tech

  13. You have no time %

  14. Shipping is P1 &

  15. Someone else is doing it better

  16. ' ( ) * There is an API for that

  17. You save $ human resources % time + money

  18. You need an API

  19. None
  20. None
  21. None
  22. You YouR API

  23. EXtra Revenues

  24. EXtra Revenues ✴QuickPrint API, 13x partner growth ✴Revenue share with

    developers ✴Apps using SDK on top charts ✴Increase in foot traffic in stores source: http://www.slideshare.net/apigee/the-walgreens-story-putting-an-api-around-their-stores
  25. Wider Reach

  26. Wider Reach ✴700 partners created 50,000 third party apps/services ✴300m

    monthly uniques who see the brand on other sites ✴The API gave reach and brand awareness which would not have been possible with traditional marketing. 
 (Dick Brouwer, TripAdvisor Director of Engineering)
  27. Wider Reach

  28. Innovation

  29. Innovation ✴Only 1 app developed by Fitbit in-house ✴Third party

    apps in Fitbit’s ecosystem accumulated are worth $1m of development cost ✴Powerful to be on many platforms easily Source: http://www.slideshare.net/faberNovel/why-shouldicareaboutap-is4/53
  30. Efficiency

  31. Efficiency ✴Wrap every internal service with an API – or

    you are fired ✴Better re-usability, quicker integration, spot opportunities, get to market quicker (AWS) Source: http://apievangelist.com/2012/01/12/the-secret-to-amazons-success-internal-apis/
  32. " mobile , customer eco-system - partner eco-system . content

    distribution / API as a Business 0 An API DIFFERENT GOAL
  33. WHEN?

  34. ASAP

  35. API FiRST

  36. " 1 , API

  37. API Management

  38. API Management ✴Tools to manage API program ✴Access-Control / Security

    ✴Analytics ✴Monetization ✴Developer Experience (DX)
  39. You API API Management

  40. Pivot to API

  41. Pivot to API

  42. Take-away Exposing API is not enough. Make sure you secure,

    monitor and manage APIS Consider API-first design Use APIs when you can Your API needs to be aligned with business strategy
  43. Above & Beyond

  44. Nicolas Grenié @picsoung Hacker in Residence at 3scale.net @3scale APIs

    as a growth tool for your startup Toulouse, March 31, 2016