- Our Age of Enlightenment

3aa708adb3ecf15173f7e6f2f9eefc6c?s=47 Paul Ingles
November 28, 2012 - Our Age of Enlightenment

My talk from the NoSQL Exchange, London, 28th November 2012. Hosted by Skillsmatter.

Variation and selection are great ways to evolve complex systems. Composing complex systems from smaller pieces allows the introduction of greater variation. Maximise discovery.

Homogeneity in the large should be avoided. Models provide utility- both organisationally and technically. Rather than trying to view the world as a single model under tension, compose many smaller models for greater utility.

NoSQL represents the rejection of single models. Composing a system with multiple data stores allows us to safely experiment and have data stores 'find their place'.


Paul Ingles

November 28, 2012