An Evening with CoffeeScript

An Evening with CoffeeScript

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Javascript has become one of the most popular languages on the web but it still suffers to date from poor and hasty design decisions made during it’s infancy.

CoffeeScript — a fairly new language inspired by Ruby, Python and Haskell — compiles into Javascript, aims to highlight Javascript’s good parts while hiding its “dark sides” and to make the whole Javascript experience just that much more enjoyable.

This (free) course will teach a basic understanding of the language as well as attempt to clear out some of the misunderstandings that seem to keep people from integrating CoffeeScript into their workflow.

In the first part, the attendees will learn the fundamental concepts behind CoffeeScript as well as discover some of the existing tools.

The second part — an interactive workshop — will show CoffeeScript in action. Attendees are invited to try their newly earned skills on a small application and to hopefully discover the ‘power of CoffeeScript’.


Florian Plank

June 13, 2013