Leveraging Failure

Leveraging Failure

This is a talk about constructing good stories around failures to maximize retention and improve critical thinking.


Theo Schlossnagle

January 30, 2014


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  2. Date Venue Title 1/30/2014 Monkigras Leveraging Failure 12/4/2013 Nodesummit Moderator:

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  3. rant topics • Literally a grouchy,
 sailor-software-engineer • Best

    title thus far:
 “Software Proctologist”
  4. martial arts theme • Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu • Soke Masaaki

  5. ranting on ranting there is an art to ranting it

    can either be poignant with lasting value or drivel leaving listeners thinking you insane
  6. software engineers all learn in different ways

  7. because people all learn in different ways

  8. organizations there be dichotomies in there

  9. interruptions are costly

  10. interruptions are priceless

  11. so similarly two-sided open office environments transparency development methodologies micromanaging

  12. the best environments recognize the appropriate reagents and add them

    carefully but they must be mixed
  13. this is management

  14. the mixing of reagents is an art combining passion, disruption,

    unreasonable demands, high praise, celebration of success, and a culture of leveraging failure
  15. this is leadership

  16. I’ve built 3 companies and consulted with hundreds more

  17. each believes that their approach to all these things is

  18. each is different

  19. despite differences they all must instill a culture of continual

    learning and enable tactical measures that educate
  20. methods galore tech talks training sessions conferences user groups meetups

    book clubs mentorship
  21. the best learning transpires from failure

  22. leveraging failure in a technology world

  23. experience adage making good decisions comes from experience experience comes

    from making bad decisions
  24. failure is expensive

  25. wonderful learning can happen when failures meet good storytelling

  26. storytelling ≯ fiction stories teach better so lies are much

  27. technical storytelling is an art just like any form of

  28. epic tales are useful, but require practice and a venue

    (sorta like this one, despite this not epical tale)
  29. epic tales let’s get back to those

  30. things tend to change when those that can influence

    longer find them acceptable
  31. unacceptable …that word…
 I do not think it means what

    you think it means
  32. driven by either desperation or passion

  33. driven by either desperation or passion spoiler: always aim for

    this one
  34. driven by either desperation or passion spoiler: accept this with

  35. storytelling you should build your stories of despair differently than

    your stories of passion
  36. stories of passion are simple but turn out to be

    full of less valuable lessons
  37. stories of despair are the heart of darkness ! “it

    could be that your sole purpose in life
 is to serve as an example to others.”
  38. stories of despair are the heart of darkness ! “it

    could be that your sole purpose in life
 is to serve as an example to others.”
  39. constructing dissonance is where good storytelling does its heavy lifting

  40. no one pursues failure so framing your story dissonance articulated

    deprives your listener of the journey (and learning)
  41. frame your problem brief and to the point provide a

    topic many details should transpire with the solution ! some facts were unavailable at the journey embarkation
  42. develop the solution take the audience through your problem-solving

  43. most solutions are the organic composition of many smaller solutions

  44. small solutions developed at different points on the timeline of

    your understanding of the problem
  45. catastrophically missing the actual problem ! resulting in…

  46. despair from which real and valid solutions emerge and truly

    valuable learning experiences take place
  47. ultimate tragedy is not supremely educational it requires too much

    “lesson extraction” from the listener
  48. penultimate tragedy provides a context of success around lessons learned

    ! dissonance… and repose
  49. repose shit works great don’t dwell on this take a

    bow and exit stage left