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Scaling products beyond regular constraints

Scaling products beyond regular constraints

Product-Led Alliance

May 19, 2021

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  1. None
  2. Select your scaling difficulty mode: 0 1 1 x to

    to Hard Easy 8 to Extreme x 8
  3. Scaling is not a conventional problem. We are: GOOD BAD

    at predicting impossible outcomes at predicting success
  4. We know what can’t possibly scale. But we don’t know

    what will actually scale. “The horse is here to stay but the automobile is only a novelty—a fad”. 1903 - The most horribly wrong person in history* to Henry Ford’s lawyer. *Obviously, a banker.
  5. And there’s a word for that: Hindsight “Of course Amazon

    is so successful. They did all the right things back in the ‘90s.” - Basically everyone trying to look smart in 2019.
  6. Why people think products don’t scale: Time Money People …

    but you can always raise money … but you can always prioritize … but you can always hire/train/outsource
  7. It’s easy to remember: no no …maybe?

  8. Why products don’t actually scale: Lack of focus Bland ideas

    Average execution “I think you’ll like this idea – it’s sort of ‘dull’ meets ‘inoffensive.’”
  9. H A W T I S O F ? L

    A C K 1 2 3 4 5
  10. Which part of the plane needs reinforcement? • A: Wings

    • B: Body • C: Stabilizers • D: Nose PMM Edition
  11. And the answer is: • A: Anything from the previous

    slide • B: Cockpit, Engines & Tail “Gentlemen, you need to put more armor-plate where the holes aren’t, because that’s where the holes were on the planes that didn’t return.” - Abraham Wald PMM Edition
  12. How much are you relying on data? Either too much,

    or too little.
  13. Do these look familiar? These are seat-holders, not factors of

    growth. Focus Groups 3rd Party Research User Surveys Product Testing Satisfaction Analysis NPS A/B Testing Pricing Research Ads Testing Shopper Insights Kano Analysis Usability Testing Product Optimization Usage Research Competitive Analysis
  14. bland ideas

  15. bland ideas are sneaky and take a lot of forms:

    • “Google Trends says this is a good niche.” (Late to the party) • “Everybody else is doing it.” (Peer pressure) • “Nobody else is doing it.” (Ford Edsel syndrome) • “This is how it was always done.” (Peer pressure from dead people; AKA “tradition”)
  16. BOLD ideas 1 2 3 146,000 pre-orders $8.2 BILLION in

    <48 hours
  17. How bold is still bold in 2020? Earth SpaceX HQ

    Mars Codename “Planet Musk”
  18. Then it’s average. Average Execution If you’re doing what everybody

    else is doing; If you’re seeing the same results everybody else is seeing; If you’re looking at industry benchmarks an resting on laurels…
  19. A Practical Example of Average

  20. A Practical Example of Great

  21. So if that doesn’t work… what does? Do things that

    don’t scale Work the brain muscle Be bold, don’t look back
  22. Do things that don’t scale Recruit your first users one

    by one; Make them happy (even if it’s different for every one of them); Roll up your sleeves and solve the problems your product doesn’t. Don’t scale before the demand is real.
  23. How we turned a small plastic BOX into a scalable

  24. A) Solving problems in a way that isn't yet automatic

    B) Having something automatic that doesn't yet solve any problems? What’s scarier? If there’s an opportunity to grow but the process is not quite there yet…
  25. Do the manual work and THEN automate yourself out of

    the loop. Eventually, it will tip from a boulder you have to push to a high-speed train with its own momentum.
  26. Work the brain muscle.

  27. Get 1% better every day

  28. Things a PMM should be good at: Product Management Marketing

    Content Creation Graphic Design Engineering UX/UI A/B Testing Project Management Copywriting Office Politics Growth Hacking PR Social Media Advertising People Management Yeah. Really.
  29. Don’t hold back. Don’t look back. Be bold.

  30. …a dating service? Our users were one step ahead of

    us. They began using YouTube to share […] their dogs, vacations, anything. We said, 'Why not let the users define what YouTube is all about?' By June, we had completely revamped the website, making it more open and general. It worked." - Jawed Karim, YouTube co-founder and uploader of legendary Me at the zoo video.
  31. …the video game? “It took us a little while to

    settle on the idea that would become Slack. That was really born out of the style of communication that developed while we were working on the game.” - Stewart Butterfield, Slack Founder… and Flickr Co-Founder
  32. Dried fish & flour exports Wood pulp mill, then rubber

    boots 花札 then taxi, and ramen Telegram service Wall cleaner for coal residue Podcasts
  33. People are only going to remember you for one thing.

    Which will it be? Remember:
  34. I’m very responsive on: LinkedIn / Quora / Twitter Let’s

    keep in touch! And at SebastianUngureanu.com