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Two peas in a pod: What we’ve learned about a successful partnership between PMM & PM

Two peas in a pod: What we’ve learned about a successful partnership between PMM & PM

Product-Led Alliance

March 24, 2021

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  1. @carolinehynes Caroline Hynes Director of Product

  2. Two Peas in a Pod What we’ve learned about a

    successful partnership between PMM & PM
  3. None
  4. None
  5. Engineering Product Design Program PMM Biz Ops Documentation Localization Education

    Advocacy PRODUCT TEAM Security Legal Tech. Alliance Products Billing / ITCRM Ent. Data SUPPORTING TEAMS 100s friendly customers
 for EAP validation CUSTOMERS
  6. None
  7. None
  8. Lack of alignment on problem to be solved Measure of

    success differs Unclear roles and responsibilities 1 2 3 Some reasons for challenges between PM & PMM
  9. None

    Enablement Campaigns Competitive Analysis GTM Planning Revenue Roadmap Team Alignment Prioritisation & Tradeoffs Product & Feature Reqs CUSTOMERS PRODUCT TEAM
  11. ‒ Tech Roadmap ‒ Feature Prioritisation ‒ Feature Development ‒

    Team Alignment ‒ Billing ‒ Security / Compliance ‒ Cross Product Collaboration PM SHARED PMM RANGE OF TASKS ‒ T1 Launches ‒ T2/T3 Launches ‒ Customer-facing Roadmap ‒ Monthly Launch Posts ‒ Customer Analysis, Segmentation, Reporting ‒ GTM ‒ Messaging ‒ Campaign Coordination ‒ Sales Enablement ‒ Competitive Analysis
  12. None
  13. - Brene Brown Only when diverse perspectives are included, respected,

    and valued can we start to get a full picture of the world . “ ”
  14. Deliberately part of the Product Leadership team Part of all

    the communication channels Very clear roles & responsibilities
 but still room for a little grey area to learn and change What could you do differently to improve the relationship? 1 2 3 What we’ve tried
  15. Different product ideas being generated No time spent talking about

    “that’s my role” focus is on the work to be done to build & communicate product Aligned messaging on our product up & down the organisation 1 2 3 Benefits we’ve seen
  16. None
  17. How much time have you invested in your PM/PMM relationship?

    How well understood & agreed are the roles & responsibilities? Where is the strategic sweet-spot for PM/ PMM overlap in your organisation? Can you create some shared success metrics? Consider Before you go
  18. How can you increase alignment & reduce handoffs? Identify strengths/weakness/areas

    of interest, regardless of role Keep the customer at the heart of everything you do Consider Before you go
  19. @carolinehynes Thank You