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Better together: how technology partnerships drive happiness

Better together: how technology partnerships drive happiness


Product Marketing Alliance

December 16, 2020


  1. Better Together: How Technology partnerships drive happiness. Sangeeta Walsh Director,

    Product Marketing
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  4. We meet our customers where they are We deliver a

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  5. Why should you care?

  6. Enable your partners

  7. Better Together Produce an Ebook Partner Collateral Build a partner

    web page Develop a quick reference guide Create videos showcasing value
  8. Create Programs

  9. Drive Awareness Webinars Demand Gen Programs Campaigns Events Analysts /

  10. Go-To-Market

  11. Drive Adoption Incentivize Cross Promotion Launch together Optimize marketplace Empower

    your customers
  12. Productive workforce = Happy customers

  13. Customer First Promote Productivity Beta programs Onboarding / Implementation Success

  14. Partner Ecosystem Value Referrals / Events Content / Social AR

  15. In Summary Drive Awareness: Create content with workflows and solutions

    in mind Produce a piece of content that showcases thought leadership vs. buy my product Drive Adoption: Build a campaign and touchpoints leading to an event or announcement Enable partners to position products and value of YOUR product in their ecosystem Make it easy: Share content and solutions with partners in an easy to use- ingestible format Create customer stories that resonate in a prospect call or with existing customers Customer first: Anticipate the customer need - together - and how this makes THEIR life easier Create a demo or quick reference guide of how these solutions are easy to
  16. https://linkedin.com/in/snwalsh https://www.ringcentral.com/apps sangeeta.walsh@ringcentral.com