Model-Driven Testing for Large end-to-end Testing Programs: A Case Study

Model-Driven Testing for Large end-to-end Testing Programs: A Case Study

Presentation by Vikash R. Verma, Plenary Keynote Speaker @STC 2012.

Presentation Abstract

The Telecom industry has probably experienced the fastest and deepest evolution over the past 3-4 decades of all the other established industries: from government-owned companies to private businesses open to competition, with the introduction of mobile telephony, broadband, triple play, etc. For a provider of outsourcing services to this industry, it usually means being able to take up every day the toughest IT challenges.

Vikas Verma's talk will highlight the major changes he had to define and manage within his end-to-end testing organization in order to satisfy his main customers' demands. He will more particularly share his experience in the introduction of Model-Driven testing technology in an established large scale program.

Key Take Aways

This talk will highlight the particular challenges of large scale end-to-end testing programs of mature clients in the telecom industry, in agile context, with multi-vendors involvement and highly complex IT configurations; it will present a case study describing the improvements that had to me made in the organization (factory approach), the challenges of change management and the contribution of technological innovations such as model-driven technology.

About Viskash

Vikas has 18+ years of IT experience and managed, delivered & handled team for all functions of SDLC. He is heading the Test delivery unit of TechMahindra, transformed and innovated the Testing unit from day to day operation to more automated, factory way of operation to provide value for money and operational excellence to customer. Before joining TechMahindra; he was with Orange Business Service (FT) as head of Global Service Delivery.