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Using Brillo to Create The Best Experience For IoT

Using Brillo to Create The Best Experience For IoT

We are in the early stages in the creation of Internet of Things. And the examples I will provide just a glimpse into what is possible when you combine sensors, actuators, and networked intelligence to create more fun and easy lifestyle.

Things are now starting to happen in the mainstream and It brings new challenges for UX design. In the next couple of years, UX designers will have the opportunity to design "things" for the world around them.


Resul Caner YILDIRIM

December 09, 2015


  1. Using Brillo To Create The Best Experience For IoT @protechman

  2. Cześć! @protechman #droidconpl2015

  3. Resul Caner Yıldırım UX Designer @protechman #droidconpl2015

  4. Roadmap @protechman #droidconpl2015

  5. tC Questions! Future Brillo Introduction @protechman #droidconpl2015

  6. Let’s Start! @protechman #droidconpl2015

  7. What Is Internet of Things? @protechman #droidconpl2015

  8. The communication between electronic devices over the internet @protechman #droidconpl2015

  9. t Intelligent interactivity between human and things to exchange information

    and knowledge for new value creation —National IoT Blueprint @protechman #droidconpl2015
  10. t Sensors Connection People @protechman #droidconpl2015

  11. t @protechman #droidconpl2015

  12. This interactions creating new type of smart applications and services

    @protechman #droidconpl2015
  13. tt @protechman #droidconpl2015

  14. @protechman #droidconpl2015

  15. tt “Today’s multimedia machine makes the computer screen into a

    demanding focus of attention rather than allowing it to fade into the background.” — Mark Weiser @protechman #droidconpl2015
  16. What Is User Experience? @protechman #droidconpl2015

  17. UI = UX ? - @protechman #droidconpl2015

  18. User experience (UX) is how a person feels when interfacing

    with a system. @protechman #droidconpl2015
  19. User Experience is a measure of the pleasure users enjoy

    when using your product. (App, Website etc..) @protechman #droidconpl2015
  20. @protechman #droidconpl2015

  21. What Is The Purpose of User Experience? @protechman #droidconpl2015

  22. User Acquisition @protechman #droidconpl2015

  23. User Activation @protechman #droidconpl2015

  24. User Retention @protechman #droidconpl2015

  25. Its a part of our daily life On Web On

    Mobile On Wearables @protechman #droidconpl2015
  26. Designing For IoT @protechman #droidconpl2015

  27. Most of the UX Designers started to work on PC

    or Mobile screens @protechman #droidconpl2015
  28. But UX is getting out of the screen @protechman #droidconpl2015

  29. We’ll start design for psychical forms @protechman #droidconpl2015

  30. We’ll enhance existing products by using digital services @protechman #droidconpl2015

  31. We can make smarter devices and applications by using live

    data @protechman #droidconpl2015
  32. Design Challenges @protechman #droidconpl2015

  33. Interaction Design Between Devices and Services @protechman #droidconpl2015

  34. One Device Multiple Services @protechman #droidconpl2015

  35. Multiple Devices One Service @protechman #droidconpl2015

  36. Data Processing @protechman #droidconpl2015

  37. Collecting Data @protechman #droidconpl2015

  38. Using Data @protechman #droidconpl2015

  39. Using Data For Designing @protechman #droidconpl2015

  40. Physical Interactions @protechman #droidconpl2015

  41. Android Brillo @protechman #droidconpl2015

  42. @protechman #droidconpl2015

  43. @protechman #droidconpl2015

  44. @protechman #droidconpl2015

  45. t Core Services • Metrics • Crash Reporting • Over

    The Air Updates (OTAs) @protechman #droidconpl2015
  46. t Developer Kit • • Standart Teting • Android

    Debugging @protechman #droidconpl2015
  47. t @protechman #droidconpl2015

  48. @protechman #droidconpl2015

  49. @protechman #droidconpl2015 • Device Side Library • Mobile SDKs •

    Web Service
  50. @protechman #droidconpl2015

  51. @protechman #droidconpl2015

  52. “...And finally, users always have their smart phone so we

    want to make sure all these connected experiences work based on your smart phone: be it your wearables, be it your car, or like we have shown with Chrome Cast, your television...” — 2014 Google IO Keynote @protechman #droidconpl2015
  53. @protechman #droidconpl2015

  54. @protechman #droidconpl2015

  55. An Example #dfist @protechman #droidconpl2015

  56. t @protechman #droidconpl2015

  57. Resul Caner Yıldırım UX Designer @ InnovationBox @protechman Thank

    You! @protechman #droidconpl2015
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