IC Social Media Best Practices

IC Social Media Best Practices

General presentation on October 19, 2011.


Rob Engelsman

October 19, 2011


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  2. !   Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, uStream, Formspring, Foursquare, Instagram, Mobli,

    Ning, Vimeo, Google+, Flickr, Whrrl, Soundcloud, Livestream, Photogram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Social Cam !   The importance isn’t quantity – it’s quality
  3. !   Facebook Page !   Twitter !   Foursquare

    !   YouTube EDU !   You don’t need to be in every social media realm, just be good at the ones you are in
  4. !   What can social media bring to your overall

    marketing strategy? !   What is your goal? !   Who is your target audience? !   How often will it be updated? !   How will it be promoted? !   Would you like fries with that?
  5. !   Ooh Shiny Syndrome –  A disease common to

    new objects and a desire to use them simply because of their newness –  Extremely easy to feel OSS towards sites like Foursquare and Twitter –  Remember the goals, target audience and other important questions
  6. !   Best for long-term informative and relationship building purposes

    !   Allows you to share information as statuses and people will “like” subscribe to your page to receive updates !   Edgerank determines how much others will see what you post
  7. !   Good question. !   Affinity – type of

    relationship !   Weight – type of object !   Time Decay – how long is has been posted !   Image from edgerankchecker.com
  8. !   The more engaging the content, the better it

    will fare !   Quick responses help your Edgerank, but are they really engagement? (We have a liking problem) !   Facebook groups could also be useful
  9. !   Timeline for Facebook was announced at a developer

    conference about two weeks ago !   Revamps the Facebook profile and probably the look of a page as well !   Forces brands to be more reliant on Edgerank and also more conscious of what has ever been posted to their page !   Rollout delayed due to lawsuit (today?!?)
  10. !   Probably the biggest OSS offender currently around !

      While there is a lot of buzz, the consistent audience of Facebook is still much larger !   Growth takes time, so instead of starting your own, consider tapping into existing audiences with a large reach (ie: @ithacacollege)
  11. !   Be aware of what others are saying about

    you !   Spelling is important, unless u r trying 2 fit in the chrctrs !   Don’t just pump out information – listen too!
  12. !   Post different amounts to different sites !  

    Don’t be a parrot !   Consider your audience, their daily routines and other factors when choosing post times !   Generally the best times for students are in the evening !   Handling criticism properly is important.
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  15. !   Added soon to the official identity standards !

      Your sneak preview of secret info… !   …that’s mostly common sense.
  16. !   Primary and secondary IC logos cannot be used

    as avatars !   Departments with official lockups can use those as avatars or profile pictures, provided the correct white space is used !   Background templates for Twitter and also Facebook profile photos of college scenery will be provided for download
  17. !   Rob Engelsman !   121 Alumni Hall !

      4-1446 !   rengelsman@ithaca.edu !   @rcengelsman !   Bit.ly/ICsocialpres