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Bring Down the System!

Bring Down the System!

Shutting down military phone lines to save lives, using Python.


Randall Degges

May 02, 2012

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  1. Bring Down the System! Shutting down military phone lines to

    save lives, using Python.
  2. Who Is This Guy? • Randall Degges (@rdegges) • I

    just hack code, basically. • Work for a tech startup in the telephony space. • Python. • Django. • Node. • Whatever.
  3. Background http://neverfear. org/blog/view/89/Performing_a_Denial_of_Service_DoS_Attack_on_a_Phone_Line

  4. In a Nutshell • Syrian uprising. • Military killing civilians.

    What can I do to help? • Shut down military communications! BUT HOW?!
  5. Fuck the Government! • Syrian militia uses phone communication to

    order troops around. • If you shut down their phones, you stop them. • If you keep their phone lines busy, they can't make (or receive calls). • Perfect candidate for denial of service attack >:)
  6. Use VoIP! • Instant setup. • Low (no) cost. •

    Unlimited phone lines. • Spam their phone lines with calls to prevent them from talking.
  7. Asterisk + pycall

  8. Asterisk • asterisk.org • Open source phone system. • Runs

    on linux. • Hooks up to VoIP providers. • Sends phone calls.
  9. pycall • pycall.org • python library that sends calls using

  10. Let's Code Full Code: https://gist.github.com/239891#file_advanced_flood.py

  11. The Main Function

  12. Shutting it Down

  13. The Moral • Do cool things. • Help people. •

    You have no idea who will use your code.
  14. Hack!