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Sally Shepard – Helping Users Create Good Habits

June 05, 2017

Sally Shepard – Helping Users Create Good Habits


June 05, 2017

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  1. @mostgood What brings users to your app? External trigger: 1

    MAIL I’m a new message! Read me! Read me! Read me! 32m ago
  2. @mostgood “the greatest return on investment will generally come from

    increasing a product’s ease-of-use.” -‘Hooked’ by Nir Eyal
  3. @mostgood I want to run 5k I want to be

    healthier I want to sleep better I want to be less stressed I want to improve my singing I want to lose weight
  4. @mostgood “I want to improve my singing” Karaoke Night Sing

    in choir Band wants to record Professional singer To serenade someone Reunion performance Improve confidence Performing in musical Why might you want to improve your singing? Love singing
  5. @mostgood The size of investment you can ask for, is

    proportional to how long they’ve used the app.
  6. @mostgood Dangers of Hard Streaks: Missing a day means starting

    over. You might never get that user back. The very happy user can become very angry. Not everyone responds to streaks.
  7. @mostgood Don’t be lazy about date calculation in streaks. Time

    zones exist and you need to account for them.
  8. @mostgood If you place significance on doing something a certain

    number of times, make sure it’s consistent.
  9. @mostgood Analytics are like crash reports for user habits. They

    help you analyze and debug what’s going on.
  10. @mostgood Analytics are only helpful if they give you a

    complete picture. Track events that verify the success as well as the failure of each part of a habit.
  11. @mostgood Define what an ideal user is, then look for

    patterns. Use these patterns to create more ideal users.
  12. @mostgood Is the investment too expensive? Are you asking just

    after the user received a great reward?
  13. @mostgood DAILY 1 Day 7 Days 14 Days 21 Days

    1 Month 2 Months 4 Months 6 Months 1 Year WEEKLY 1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 1 Month 2 Months 4 Months 6 Months 1 Year 100 weeks Timescale: -Regular intervals -Any milestones
  14. @mostgood Questions: 1) Are my triggers motivational? 2) Is the

    action too difficult? 3) Is the reward strong enough? 4) Has the investment improved their experience?
  15. @mostgood Empathy: What state will the app be in? What

    will happen if I miss a day? What kind of pressure do I feel? Am I closer to achieving my goal?
  16. @mostgood Trigger: 1 day in - this is fine 7

    days in - I’m not motivated by this 2 months in - I’m turning off notifications
  17. @mostgood Trigger: You could include streak information - ‘Complete today’s

    training to increase your streak to 8 days! You could include information about the exercises - ‘Todays training includes Foundation, Agility and Head Voice’
  18. @mostgood Action: 1 day in - I’m still getting the

    hang of this 7 days in - this is helping me 2 months in - this is taking too long! 4 months in - this is taking too long and the exercises are repetitive
  19. @mostgood Action: The more I practice, the more I increase

    my singing range. This means it takes longer to complete my exercises. This can result in me not wanting to expand my singing range
  20. @mostgood Reward: 1 day in - Woo! I’m awesome :)

    7 days in - Yay, I levelled up! 2 months in - I don’t remember the last time I levelled up 4 months in - I wish it did more analysis for me
  21. @mostgood Reward: Levels are meaningless and it takes a super

    long time to level up. I want more than just basic stats. I don’t have any way to measure my overall success.
  22. @mostgood Investment: 1 day in - Hmm 7 days in

    - Rate the app - OK 2 months in - Nothing… 4 months in - Nothing…
  23. @mostgood Investment: I’ve reviewed the app. I sent some feedback.

    It should prompt me to recheck my singing range at certain times. I don’t get any emails, I wonder what’s going on with the development?