2019 Green Power Leadership Awards: A Review of the Application Process

2019 Green Power Leadership Awards: A Review of the Application Process

The 2019 Green Power Leadership Awards application period is open until Friday, March 15. EPA co-sponsors the Awards in conjunction with the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS). The awards recognize leading organizations that have helped further the green power market through their green power procurement, innovation, overall green power strategy, and impact.

During this webinar, EPA and CRS provided information related to eligibility, evaluation criteria, and application content for each of the award categories, as well as answer questions.

Melissa Klein, Communications Lead, Green Power Partnership and Center for Corporate Climate Leadership, U.S. EPA’s Green Power Partnership
Rachael Terada, Director, Technical Projects, Center for Resource Solutions
For more information about the awards, visit the 2019 Green Power Leadership Awards.


Center for Resource Solutions

February 27, 2019