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Introduction to Green-e Marketplace for Businesses and Products

Introduction to Green-e Marketplace for Businesses and Products

This introduction to Green-e’s certification program for businesses and products will give an overview of how organizations of all sizes can promote their environmental sustainability through participation in Green-e—North America’s largest certification program for renewable energy. This free webinar will explain:

• Why companies choose to go green with clean energy
• The basics of renewable energy purchasing by businesses
• How organizations using 100% renewable energy can certify themselves and their products through Green-e
• Expanded marketing and promotional benefits and new sales tools offered to Green-e participants
• How environmental sustainability through clean energy use can boost sales and appeal to customers who prefer products with better environmental performance. Originally aired March 17, 2016.

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  1. Introduction to Green-e Marketplace for Businesses and Products

  2. Elliott Engelmann Green-e Customer Relationship Associate elliott.engelmann@resource-solutions.org (415) 568-4280

  3. Presentation Roadmap • Introduction • Brief Overview of Green-e •

    How to Source Renewable Energy • Green-e for Businesses and Products - Corporate - Products - Printers - Events • Benefits of Green-e • Other Ways to Get Involved • Q&A
  4. Overview of Green-e

  5. None
  6. Center for Resource Solutions • Established in 1997 • Market

    and policy solutions to advance renewable energy • Consistent monitoring of the energy policy landscape • Recognized by:
  7. Qualifying Renewable Energy Resource Types Wind Solar Biomass Small Hydro

    Geothermal Wave/Tidal
  8. How to Source Renewable Energy

  9. Green-e for Renewable Energy • Certification of five product types:

    - Renewable energy certificates (RECs) - Utility green pricing programs - Competitive electricity products - Onsite renewable energy - Direct PPAs • Covers all 50 states
  10. What is a REC? www.resource-solutions.org/learn

  11. Certified Electricity Options

  12. How to Purchase Green-e Certified Renewable Energy www.green-e.org/buy For retail

    renewable Search by: • Location • Product type • Resource type
  13. Onsite Renewable Energy • Qualifying resource type - Green-e Energy

    National Standard • Grid-connected • REC ownership
  14. Direct PPAs • Source RECs directly from a renewable energy

    generator • Green-e certifies the transaction • Annual audit • Third-party assurances from Green-e
  15. Green-e for Businesses and Products

  16. Green-e for Businesses and Products Or that a product has

    been made using 100% renewable energy The Green-e logo indicates that a business purchases enough renewable energy to cover their electricity usage
  17. Green-e for Businesses and Products • Use of the Green-e

    logo • Claims development and verification • Communications support • Market oversight
  18. General Program Requirements • Purchase Green-e certified renewable energy •

    And/or generate renewable energy from a qualifying resource • Pay fee, assessed based on annual revenue • Sign Logo Use Agreement and submit annual attestation forms - Proof of purchase/generation - Electricity consumption
  19. Program Overview Business Operations Requirements: • Source a “qualifying amount”

    of renewable energy based on electricity load Logo uses: • Website • Marketing materials • Sales collateral • Social media • Ads • Display
  20. None
  21. Program Overview Products Requirements: • Cover 100% of product manufacturing

    for products carrying the logo • Cover 100% of company headquarters electricity use Logo uses: • On-product • Web, marketing, sales, ads, etc…
  22. Over 500 Certified Products

  23. Program Overview Printers Requirements: • Cover 100% of annual electricity

    load with renewable energy purchase or onsite generation • Source paper from Green-e certified paper manufacturers Logo uses: • Printed materials for customers • Website/marketing use
  24. Program Overview Printers

  25. Program Overview Events • Purchase Green-e certified carbon offsets to

    match 100% of the emissions associated with the event • And/or purchase Green-e certified renewable energy for 100% of event’s electricity consumption • Launched at Greenbuild 2014
  26. Program Fees *Printers and Events are subject to a different

    fee schedule
  27. Benefits of Green-e

  28. Why Communicate About Sustainability? • 62% of consumers say they

    would be more willing to buy products from brands using wind energy • 88% of consumers say they are more loyal to companies that support social and environmental issues • 52% of consumers check product packaging to ensure sustainable impact
  29. Why Green-e? • Recognized by over 54 million Americans •

    60,000 businesses purchase Green-e certified • Differentiate your company • Strengthen brand loyalty • Product advocacy • Trusted 3rd party assurance
  30. Program Benefits • Sales kit - Sales deck - Sales

    team training call • Communications guide • Social media kit - Infographics - Micrographics • Web banners/graphics • Case studies • Dedicated resource page
  31. Green-e International • Developing an international Green-e Energy standard •

    Opportunities for purchasers to get involved in market research and development • Green-e for businesses and products to be available in other markets
  32. Renewable Energy Markets Conference

  33. Questions & Answers

  34. Elliott Engelmann Green-e Customer Relationship Associate elliott.engelmann@resource-solutions.org (415) 568-4280 @GreeneMarktplc

    Resources: www.green-e.org/marketplace www.resource-solutions.org/learn www.renewableenergymarkets.com