Drawing: How to be a Superhuman Communicator

3ab1249be442027903e1180025340b3f?s=47 David Neal
April 12, 2019

Drawing: How to be a Superhuman Communicator

Who says communication has to be dry, dull, and boring? Simple, hand-drawn illustrations are a compelling and fun way to engage, inform, and win your audience of readers and viewers!

I firmly believe drawing is a skill that anyone can learn. The amazing thing is, there’s no such thing as “bad” art! With some fundamentals and practice, you can make an impact, and have fun doing it!

I started drawing about four years ago, and it is now an essential part of everything I do. I would love to share with you my bag of tips and tricks I’ve learned to create illustrations for presentations, articles, videos, and more!


David Neal

April 12, 2019