Take Back Project Sanity (Music City Agile 2016)

3ab1249be442027903e1180025340b3f?s=47 David Neal
August 17, 2016

Take Back Project Sanity (Music City Agile 2016)

Kanban is just sticky notes on a whiteboard, right? Actually, there’s more to this methodology than you might think. Kanban harnesses the power of visual information to turn your team’s work into brain candy (or bacon). Visualization is only the beginning.

Whether you work in software development, operations, or professional cat wrangling, Kanban can help you continuously improve your process (yes, you have one!). That can help your team boost things like delivery speed, predictability, and quality.

In this fun and entertaining talk, you’ll learn the core principles and practices of Kanban, as well as how to maximize its potential to evolve how you, your team, and your organization works.


David Neal

August 17, 2016