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Running Efficient Distributed Teams

Running Efficient Distributed Teams

A talk I gave at Webit Expo, Sofia, in April 2016. I focused on how to run efficient, fully distributed teams, how they differ from local teams, the pitfalls to avoid, and which agile concepts should be re-evaluated.

Video: https://youtu.be/_uw0xukXiPg

Ricardo J. Méndez

April 20, 2016

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  1. @ArgesRic About me • Software engineer, run Numergent. • Work

    mostly with data-oriented projects, on media, health care information management, and financial companies. • Run project-specific, distributed development teams. • Six years of working exclusively with distributed teams. • I’d rather take the right expertise where I find it.
  2. @ArgesRic Late-binding of tasks to owners Fred George, “Implementing programmer

  3. @ArgesRic Conventions: Issue severity • Enhancement: Self-explanatory. • Minor: Deal

    with it as time allows. • Major: You don’t want to launch without it, not having it requires a scope negotiation. • Critical: Fundamental to system’s concept and integrity. • Blocker: Stopping at least one person from working. For bugs only.