A Career in Software Engineering

A Career in Software Engineering

I gave this talk at St Marys School for Girls in Pretoria. The audience was primarily school girls with an interest in Software Engineering.


Rebecca Franks

June 13, 2017


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    A C A R E E R I N S

    O F T WA R E E N G I N E E R I N G R E B E C C A F R A N K S
  2. 5.

    W H O A M I ? Rebecca Franks Android

    Engineering Lead at Dynamic Visual Technologies Google Developer Expert for Android and the Internet of Things
  3. 6.

    W H AT D I D I S T U

    D Y ? • BSc (Hons) Information Technology in 2012 • 3 years to obtain BSc Information Technology • 1 year to obtain Honours in Information Technology
  4. 7.

    I M P O R TA N T FA C

    T S • I didn’t do Computer Science in High School. • I arrived at University with no knowledge of programming. • I’m still learning every day.
  5. 8.
  6. 11.

    C O L L A B O R AT I

    O N Source: #WOCinTech
  7. 12.

    P R O D U C T D E V

    E L O P M E N T Source: #WOCinTech
  8. 17.

    Y O U A R E N E V E

    R F I N I S H E D L E A R N I N G Source: #WOCinTech
  9. 18.

    T H E D E V E L O P

    M E N T C O M M U N I T Y.
  10. 19.

    B E I N G A B L E T

    O G I V E B A C K
  11. 20.
  12. 22.

    C H A R A C T E R I

    S T I C S & I N T E R E S T S R E Q U I R E D • You love solving problems • You enjoy learning • Determined • Enthusiastic • Curious • Team player • Interested in Technology and building software that benefits people
  13. 23.

    R E S O U R C E S F

    O R G E T T I N G S TA R T E D • Learn to Code: code.org • Code Academy: www.codecademy.com
  14. 24.

    W H AT I D I D N ’ T

    K N O W B A C K T H E N • No one knows everything. • There are many different aspects to SE other than programming. • I would enjoy it so much and thrive in an environment that I battled with at first. • Team work and collaboration is one of the keys to building a successful product
  15. 25.

    C A R E E R PAT H S I

    N S O F T WA R E Product Owner Test Analyst Business Analyst Software Engineer User Interface Designer User Experience Designer Source: #WOCinTech
  16. 26.

    F I E L D S O F S O

    F T WA R E E N G I N E E R I N G Mobile (Android / iOS) Web (Chrome, Firefox etc) Internet of Things Operations (DevOps) Security Architecture Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Accessibility Cloud Database Game Programming
  17. 27.

    M A N Y D I F F E R

    E N T L A N G U A G E S Java Swift Kotlin Erlang Typescript Go Javascript C# C++ Elm CoffeeScript Dart Python PHP
  18. 28.

    P R O M O T I O N PAT

    H Every company is different Chief Technology Officer Team Lead Architect Intermediate Software Engineer Graduate Software Engineer Junior Software Engineer Engineering Manager Senior Software Engineer Tech Lead
  19. 29.

    D I F F I C U LT I E

    S F O R W O M E N I N T E C H • It is a male dominated industry • The job is no different for women (ie you don’t need physical strength) • Women often perform A LOT better than men when studying IT. • Plenty of efforts to change the ratio - Google Women TechMakers, GirlCode, Women who code, Pyladies, Hackbright, PinkIT ZA
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    T H A N K Y O U Rebecca Franks

    Android Engineering Lead Google Developer Expert Twitter: @riggaroo hello@riggaroo.co.za