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User Adoption and Retention in OBIEE for the IT department

Robin Moffatt
December 09, 2015

User Adoption and Retention in OBIEE for the IT department

Build it, and they will come! Maybe. But maybe they won't stay very long, and maybe they'll never return...and you may never know. Your users are the most valuable part of your OBIEE system; without an active and engaged user base an OBIEE deployment is doomed to wither and die, to join the scrap heap of many a failed BI project. But it doesn't have to be that way!

In this talk I will discuss how we can measure user engagement, collect performance metrics, and most importantly see how to action this information in order to proactively work with users to ensure the system is meeting their needs in terms of performance, functionality and data. The core data source for all of this is OBIEE's Usage Tracking, and we will also discuss how log files can be configured and mined in order to provide an additional rich source of data.

Robin Moffatt

December 09, 2015

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  1. [email protected] www.rittmanmead.com @rittmanmead Robin Moffatt, Principal Consultant, Rittman Mead |

    UKOUG 2015 User Adoption and Retention 
 in OBIEE for the IT department 1
  2. [email protected] www.rittmanmead.com @rittmanmead • Principal Consultant with Rittman Mead -

    OBIEE & ODI / SysAdmin / Performance • Previously … - OBIEE/DW developer at large UK retailer - SQL Server DBA, BusinessObjects, DB2, COBOL….
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    partner for technical excellence, solutions delivery and innovation in Oracle Data Integration, Business Intelligence, Analytics and Big Data •Providing our customers targeted expertise; we are a company that doesn’t try to do everything… only what we excel at •70+ consultants worldwide including 1 Oracle ACE Director and 2 Oracle ACEs •Founded on the values of collaboration, learning, integrity and getting things done Optimizing your investment in Oracle Business Analytics •Comprehensive service portfolio designed to support the full lifecycle of any analytics solution
  4. [email protected] www.rittmanmead.com @rittmanmead A System is Nothing Without its Users

    10 • We need to ENGAGE users and we need to RETAIN users - How do we do that? - How do monitor if we are doing it well enough?
  5. [email protected] www.rittmanmead.com @rittmanmead How Do We Engage and Retain Users?

    11 - Data • Accurate • Available and Relevant • Timely
 - Accessibility • Intuitive Navigation • Good Response Times • Right Place & Right Time
  6. [email protected] www.rittmanmead.com @rittmanmead Measuring User Engagement and Adoption 16 •

    Frequency - Ratio of Daily Active Users (DAU) to Monthly Active Users (MAU)
 • Adoption - proportion of those with access to OBI who use it
  7. [email protected] www.rittmanmead.com @rittmanmead Usage Tracking is a gold mine! 18

    • Monitor - User Engagement levels - Usage patterns - System Performance - Unused Dashboards
  8. [email protected] www.rittmanmead.com @rittmanmead Enabling Usage Tracking 20 1. Import the

    tables to the RPD physical layer ‣ The tables S_NQ_ACCT & S_NQ_DB_ACCT that hold Usage Tracking data were created at installation time by the RCU tool (BIPLATFORM) 2. Add connection pool with R/W user 3. Update MBeans to point to tables/connection pool in RPD 4. Restart BI Server 5. Check nqserver.log for errors 6. Rinse & Repeat until it works…
  9. [email protected] www.rittmanmead.com @rittmanmead SampleApp - thank you Oracle! 21 •

    Free download from Oracle • Fully provisioned virtual machine with whole OBIEE stack (and more) • Massive RPD and set of dashboards • Pre-built Usage Tracking model + reports • Lots of other goodies too!
  10. [email protected] www.rittmanmead.com @rittmanmead Does Anyone Really Use the Widget Report

    Anyway? 25 • Identify stale dashboards • Use the WebCat Utils from SampleApp for visibility of full catalog
  11. [email protected] www.rittmanmead.com @rittmanmead Do You Have a “Shadow Army” of

    Reports? 26 • You have a set of dashboards for users to access - You may even have a report catalog and governance process • …but your users want their copy of it! • Inefficient for users • Big support overhead • A right PITA at upgrade time!
  12. [email protected] www.rittmanmead.com @rittmanmead Performance 27 • Performance is not Oracle

    database cache hit ratios and tuning configuration parameters • Performance is the response time and variance as experienced by the users at their desks
  13. [email protected] www.rittmanmead.com @rittmanmead Performance Analytics Dashboards 29 • Monitor and

    Troubleshoot performance problems • Interactive dashboards for rapid analysis • Holistic view of OBIEE in one place - Response Times - Cache usage - Temporary file usage - Database metrics (ASH) - OS metrics
  14. [email protected] www.rittmanmead.com @rittmanmead Why’s My Report Slow? 30 • WHERE’S

    my report slow:
 • http://ritt.md/silver-bullets-slides • http://ritt.md/silver-bullets-video
  15. [email protected] www.rittmanmead.com @rittmanmead User Engagement 34 Visual Redesign Business User

    Training Ongoing Support Engagement Toolkit Average user adoption for BI platforms is below 25% Rittman Mead’s User Engagement Service can help Source : http://www.biscorecard.com/bi-adoption-flat/ / https://www.gartner.com/doc/1712414/consumerization-bi-drives-greater-adoption
  16. [email protected] www.rittmanmead.com @rittmanmead OBIEE Click Stream Data 35 • Usage

    Tracking is great, but it only captures interactions with the BI Server • We have the capability to easily track every interaction a user makes with OBIEE • Native OBIEE capability, minimal overhead
  17. [email protected] www.rittmanmead.com @rittmanmead OBIEE Click Data Analysis 36 • Which

    browsers are my users using? Are they using Desktop or Mobile?
  18. [email protected] www.rittmanmead.com @rittmanmead OBIEE Click Stream Data Analysis 37 •

    How often do users export data? From which reports? To what format?
  19. [email protected] www.rittmanmead.com @rittmanmead OBIEE Click Stream Data Analysis 38 •

    Segment users based on click patterns to identify those least likely to return to the system
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