Forecasting: Your new business superpower

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July 20, 2018

Forecasting: Your new business superpower

“You won’t be in control of your business until you can accurately predict it”. One of my early mentors and business advisors must have said that a thousand times over our time together—and it’s true. From project planning, cash flow planning, hiring, to sales—everything starts with forecasting.

Being able to see the future is a business superpower.

I’ll share how to use today’s data to take the mystery out of tomorrow. During this talk we will discuss a systemic approach to business forecasting and how to use reporting to improve the accuracy of our forecasts to take control of our business.

Are you ready to unlock this superpower?

During this talk, Rob will cover:
-Where to start with forecasting
-Improving forecasting through feedback loops
-Predicting cash flow
-Getting buy in from your team



July 20, 2018