Managing a Project from the “Last Responsible Moment” - Converge 2016

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April 14, 2016

Managing a Project from the “Last Responsible Moment” - Converge 2016

We have begun to describe our projects with words like “Responsive,” “Flexible,” “Fluid,” “Agile,” and “User Centered,” but we continue to manage our projects the same way we always have. How can we deliver on new grand promises without completely changing our thinking about the work—including project management?

It is more important than ever to embrace the learning that occurs during a project; and in turn, we should wait to make decisions until the best information is available. Learn to be conformable with the unknown, and avoid making decisions that can be better made tomorrow. Only then will we truly start to think in an agile way.

During our time together, we will walk through a list of guidelines by which successful project decisions can be made. These guidelines come from a wide range of projects—large enterprise environments to small websites. At the core of these guidelines is a desire to change the project management process to allow for better decision making.



April 14, 2016