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Value added services

Robin Lee
September 20, 2023

Value added services

Work with us! We can find away to move you to the top!

Robin Lee

September 20, 2023

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  1. Who are these guys? RLee Insurance Solutions LLC – Robin

    Lee • 21 years in the Life and Health insurance industry. • Been through many of the top company training programs in the industry • Graduate of the “Referral King” program • Indiana State Partnership Program Certified for LTC • Nationally recognized for annuity sales • Member is the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame • Mother of 4 and Grandmother of 15!
  2. What do we sell? RLee Insurance Solutions LLC • The

    most COMPLETE portfolio of life and health products available than most any other agency around. • Over 30 Medicare Supplement companies • ALL available MAPD and PDP companies • HUGE portfolio of Life and Annuity companies • We currently write life and annuities, health, dental, hospital indemnity, travel, disability, STC and LTC, many ancillary products, and group plans
  3. Where do we do business? RLee Insurance Solutions LLC •

    Small but growing ,now in 4 states! • Currently licensed in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Texas
  4. How are we different? Technology driven • Agencybloc CRM software

    • CSG Actuarial Quote Tool • Lead Advantage Pro • Ninja Life Quoter • Annuities Genius • Personalized Medicare enrollment site • Microsoft 365 • Zoom, Calendly, etc.
  5. …but MOST importantly We put doing the right thing above

    income 100% of the time. • Follow the Golden Rule • Only write business you are proud of • Walk away from an app when it’s the right thing to do • Remember, our business is taking care of other people's grandparents. • What you do good for others today, will come back to you in future in a way that you would never expect
  6. Senior Market Sales – who are they? • Full-service insurance

    marketing organization (IMO) dedicated to helping independent insurance agents and agencies grow. • Founded in 1982, SMS has grown into one of the industry’s foremost IMOs with more than 500 employees and 70,000 independent agents under contract. • $541,000,000 in issued premium in 2021
  7. Why are we partnered with them? Senior Market Sales •

    Super focused on utilizing technology • Unique leads programs to SMS contracted agents only through “Lead Exchange” • Dedicated marketers working with RLee and its agents with close working relationships with the top companies to facilitate contracting, customer support issues, and sales support.
  8. How can they help you? Senior Market Sales • Can

    work with agents to help manage your business with access to cyber security programs, online contracting, secure emails. • Manage enrollments through electronic SCOPES, apps, and quoting software • Programs to help you market your business through personalized quoting websites, custom websites, and Total Social Security
  9. Our Partnership with you How can we work together •

    Grab a contract with a company you don’t currently have. • Add us as a mentor for some advice, or to bounce ideas around, two heads are better than one. • Let us help lift you to the next level if your growth has slowed. • Join our team as a direct LOA agent and really grab all the benefits available!
  10. Thanks again for your gift of your time today Remember:

    • You work in one of the greatest jobs there is to help others. • Income potential is virtually unlimited. • Be your own boss. • Know that you can offer the best product, at the best price, 100% of the time. • You can help every person you meet save money or fill a need.
  11. Please reach out to us this week with any questions

    or contracting request! Our web site: https://rleeinsurancesolutions.com Our address: 34 Executive Drive Ste. C Lafayette, IN 47905 Our Phone: 765-764-6459 Our Email: [email protected]