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Reperforming a Nobel Prize Discovery on Kubernetes

Reperforming a Nobel Prize Discovery on Kubernetes

Ricardo Rocha

May 21, 2019

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  4. The Standard Model: the most successful scientific theory … but

    it had a missing, but crucial puzzle piece: the Higgs boson. It helps explain why particles have mass. When we have a powerful enough collider we can create the Higgs boson (remember E~=mc²) But we cannot see it directly, because it instantly decays, e.g. into 4 particles. H
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  6. Sim Higgs Background Background Real Data Event Data Summary Data

    Make Plot! 20k+ Core K8s Clusters 70 TB of Physics Data ~25000 Files
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    70 TB Dataset Job Results Interactive Visualization Aggregation 25000 Kubernetes Jobs
  8. Containers give us Reproducibility in Space and Time • re-run

    code in the future in a different data-center • Gamechanger for Open Science