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Build Pattern Libraries - A step-by-step guide

Build Pattern Libraries - A step-by-step guide

An overview about tasks needed for building a front-end pattern library for your company or brand from scratch. These tasks assume that you already have a final design.


Roger Dudler

June 09, 2015


  1. Build. Pattern. Libraries. A guide to build a UI pattern

    library for your brand
  2. Challenge Building a reusable, maintainable and easily shareable UI pattern

    library based on an existing design
  3. 1. Create a Screen Inventory 2. Identify Patterns 3. Consolidate

    Patterns 4. Validate Pattern Granularities 5. Split Pattern Variations 6. Assembly Code 7. Create Documentation 8. Live it! Process Overview
  4. Create a Screen Inventory Create screenshots with every different aspect

    of your existing, already redesigned, websites, applications, etc. Upload them to Frontify Workspace and share it with a UX or Front-End Expert. All Who can do this? 1
  5. Identification of Patterns Identify UI patterns using the visual specification

    tools in Frontify Workspace. Set a priority on the more reusable patterns like Buttons, Textfields, Dropdowns, Headings, etc. Front-End / UX Expert Who can do this? 2
  6. Consolidation of Patterns Use the pattern inventory to identify common

    semantics of patterns and combine them where possible. Hint: Keep complexity low. Front-End / UX Expert Who can do this? 3 Button Large Button Special Button Blue Button
  7. Pattern Granularity Validation Validate granularities of patterns, check if dependencies

    are correct and the level (Atom, Molecule, Organism) is matching. Front-End / UX Expert Who can do this? 4 Atom Molecule Organism Template Page
  8. Pattern Variation Cleanup Split pattern variations into separate patterns, if

    complexity is too big or semantics don’t match. Front-End / UX Expert Who can do this? 5 Track and Trace Lookup Business Locator Content Search Track and Trace Business Locator Content Search Search
  9. Code Assembly Add code (HTML, CSS, JS) to patterns using

    the Frontify Builder or similar tools. Either migrate existing code or re-write it from scratch. Hint: Try to keep the code clean and with a low amount of dependencies. Front-End Developer Who can do this? 6
  10. Documentation Create a living documentation of the pattern library with

    Frontify Style Guide (e.g. add a document called “Pattern Library”. Define categories that best match your business cases. Hint: Use the existing pattern inventory to define structures. All Who can do this? 7
  11. Live It! Try to constantly improve your living style guide

    and pattern library. Keep the acceptance high by keeping everything up-to-date and easily discoverable. Collaborate on projects based on the guidelines using Frontify Workspace. All Who can do this? 8
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