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Build your Tech Network!

Build your Tech Network!


Johann Romefort

September 09, 2017


  1. Build Your Tech Network Johann Romefort - Tech Evangelist @Stylight

  2. Hi, I’m Johann! • Today: Tech Evangelist @Stylight • Since

    3 years in Munich • A certain passion for building communities • Before: 7 years in San Francisco building startups
  3. So Johann, What’s so different with the Silicon Valley?

  4. Silicon Valley works because there is such a high density

    of people working on start-ups and they are inclined to help each other. - Sam Altman, Ycombinator
  5. It’s the network! • Its density (how many nodes) •

    Its connectedness ◦ how connected are the nodes internally and to other networks ◦ How easily nodes connect to each others • Its ability to reconfigure (remixing of talents across companies)
  6. How do we do that?

  7. Meet Tina and Bob Embedded System Engineer Recruiting Manager

  8. Hi Tina, We're looking for a rockstar PHP ninja and

    I'm sure you'd be perfect for this role!
  9. Sounds Familiar? :)

  10. None
  11. None
  12. What can Tina do to advance in her career? What

    can Bob do to actually hire talents?
  13. The short answer: Building their tech network!

  14. Source: StackOverflow Insights Survey 2017

  15. Source: StackOverflow Insights Survey 2017

  16. Source: StackOverflow Insights Survey 2017

  17. • Speak at a Meetup • Organize a meetup •

    Speak at conferences • Publish blog posts • Contribute to open-source projects • Participate in a Hackathon • Answers questions on StackOverflow • Mentor other developers • …. How to advance your career? => connect with others!
  18. But I’m an introvert!

  19. None
  20. SOCIAL SKILLS CAN BE LEARNED • Start small (give a

    talk at your company) • Build your confidence, get out of your comfort zone • Give yourself goals: I’m going to connect with at least one person at this event • Try the small talks: “Is this your first time at this event?” • Embrace your vulnerability: It’s ok to be an introvert • Remember: You’re not alone!
  21. What about Bob?

  22. • Get engineers in his company to speak at meetups

    • Organise / sponsor meetups • Help engineers to speak at conferences • Encourage OpenSource contributions • Create a blog for the tech team • Organise a hackathon • ...
  23. It’s all about connecting with others

  24. Do’s and Don’t do

  25. • Send an army of recruiters at events • Boring

    company presentations • We’re hiring!!!! • Sponsor a meetup to give a sales talk • Being active once in a while
  26. • Be *authentic*, show your passion • Be relevant and

    on-topic - don’t force anything • Invite people to come and talk to you • Help people • Introduce people to each others
  27. By becoming an active participant in the community, doors will

  28. Let’s get back to Silicon Valley

  29. A typical exchange - hey I'm Bob, nice to meet

    you. - Nice to meet you bob! Is it your first time at this Meetup? - Yes! I'm working on a new startup - we're building the Uber for dogs powered by AI - Sounds awesome! I'm myself working on a uber for cats! - Cool, is there anything i can help you with? - Actually I would love some feedback on our UI - Sure, should we meet for a quick coffee next week? - Yes! By the way, have you met Brandon yet? He’s investing in the dog market
  30. PAY IT FORWARD It will eventually come back to you.

  31. How can I help? @romefort johann.romefort@stylight.com http://linkedin.com/in/romefort