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Conversational UIs / Chatbots - State of the Art

Conversational UIs / Chatbots - State of the Art


Johann Romefort

June 21, 2016


  1. Conversational Commerce Meetup June 2016 01 by Johann Romefort

  2. About Johann • Tech Evangelist @Stylight • 15+ years in

    tech • In Germany for 2 years • 7 years in San Francisco doing startups • Organizer of many meetups 2
  3. Agenda 3 • A bit of history • Messaging Trends

    • What’s Conversational Commerce? • Evolution of Messaging • The Rise of the Bots • The futuuuure
  4. A bit of history… June 2016 01

  5. Who remembers that? 5

  6. and that? 6

  7. and that? 7

  8. Today’s Messaging Platforms 8

  9. 9

  10. Messaging is bigger than Social Media 10

  11. None
  12. None
  13. Some take-aways on Messaging apps 13 • Messengers are competing

    with a whole ecosystem of apps to become the Home Screen on mobile • Messaging apps are the most used on mobile • Mobile and text/image communication is the way to reach the millennials
  14. Textual interfaces have a lot of benefits 14 • Almost

    no UI elements • Work on mobile, web, voice… • Almost no bandwidth needed • Go around censorship in some countries
  15. Conversational Commerce - A golden nugget for brands! 15 •

    No need for native development of apps • Portable across messaging systems • Can piggy back on established engagement loops • People are used to open messages from their friends already • Could for example be used for customer loyalty programs, or customer re-engagement
  16. Increase Customer engagement 16

  17. None
  18. What’s the secret sauce of Messaging? 18 • Context -

    Happens in a conversation with all the associated context • Preferences • Can mix automation and human interaction
  19. Bots?

  20. What’s a chatbot? • A piece of software listening on

    a textual communication channel and trying to answer you 20
  21. Do people care if they talk to a human or

    a bot?
  22. Not as much as you’d think apparently ;) 22

  23. Messaging apps are becoming platforms June 2016 01

  24. In the last few months, a lot happened: 24 •

    FB Messenger launched its SDK • Apple’s iMessages launched its SDK • TONS of bot creation platforms
 have appeared
  25. From a UI perspective 25 • New elements appear in

    the conversations • “micro-widgets” • Standardised - no new UI to “learn” • Compared to app: onboarding = 0 • Prevalence of natural language interaction
  26. Examples June 2016 01

  27. Burger King 27

  28. SkyScanner 28

  29. Customer Relationship Management 29

  30. Another use case: Digital Journalism Bots represent a potential way

    to engage audiences and increase content distribution without hand- curating content. 30
  31. TechCrunch 31

  32. New York Times Blossom Bot 32 • NYT Slack bot

    “Blossom” predicts which stories might go viral
  33. BBC News 33

  34. BBC Persian 34 The BBC, which is blocked in Iran,

    launched a channel on chat app Telegram in conjunction with its BBC Persian service and within two weeks had more than 100,000 subscribers and, according to BBC World Service mobile editor Trushar Barot, some posts have reached more than 800,000 unique readers in the app.
  35. Forbes 35 The bot is automated, no editors involved. Once

    you subscribe you get a handful of our most popular stories pushed to you twice a day, and you can subscribe to any of our news channels (tech, business, investing, etc.)
  36. 36

  37. The Future June 2016 01

  38. The Future Or why no UI is the new UI?

    38 • Voice controlled interface are the future, they are ubiquitous and can just seat with us like humans.
  39. Example: Amazon Echo 39 • Always listening in the background

    • Connected to other apps • example of use: Order a Uber, get the weather, change music, control lights, etc…
  40. Example: Google Home

  41. Where do I get started? Messaging Design Kit https://layer.com/messaging- design-kit

  42. Where do I get started? • Don’t want to delve

    into code?
 chatfuel.com 42
  43. Where do I get started? https://botsify.com/ 43

  44. Piecing it all together 44 • Messaging apps are eating

    the world • There’s a open landscape full of opportunities for Conversational UI’s • Golden Rush for brands to engage with millennial • New possibilities (eg: bot for conference) • Next stop is voice interfaces and heavy use of Machine learning eg DeepText at FB
  45. Questions?