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Networking and Public Speaking for Introverts

Networking and Public Speaking for Introverts

In this presentation I'm talking about how to get better at networking and public speaking if you're an introvert


Johann Romefort

May 28, 2019


  1. Networking and Public Speaking for Introverts Johann Romefort Managing Director

    at Techstars
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  3. SHY Introverted reserved quiet

  4. None
  5. Hello, I’m Johann :) • I organized 200+ meetups •

    3 DAHO.AM conferences • 100+ speaking engagements • Sometimes people even pay me to speak • I invest in and mentor founders
  6. 1 2 3 Why a talk about talking? That’s the

    most human thing we do That’s how we transmit ideas, lead people, meet new friends Yet we’re not equipped the same way and don’t have the same social skills
  7. It’s about building HUMAN CONNECTIONS

  8. Networking

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  10. Why is it so important? • You are part of

    a network • The strength and number of connections in your network shape your opportunities • You can become a supernode and help others through your own connections.
  11. Why is it hard for introverts? • Labeled as shy,

    introvert, quiet all your life • Then you feel socially awkward • Think you have nothing interesting to say • You don’t know how to approach someone • You simply never really PRACTICED social skills
  12. My secret toolbox for social interactions

  13. Be different Be Remarkable

  14. Small Talk

  15. Building Empathy

  16. HOW TO? Listening How can I help? Focused attention Vulnerable

    Not trying to impress
  17. How to leave a conversation?

  18. Practice, Practice, Practice • It is not a natural skill

    for us introverts... • But it can be learned.. Just like we learn how to ride a bike or play the piano
  19. Public Speaking of Public Speaking

  20. Why speak? • Advance your career • Find your voice

    in meetings • Develop softer skills like leadership • Get outside of the comfort zone
  21. What’s my process? Dear Johann, We’d like to invite you

    to talk at our conference YES! 2 months later.. I need to prepare… I need to prepare… I need to prepare… I need to prepare... 3 days before... Scribble some notes to feel better Organize my notes Struggle with structure I need to start building slides!!! 2 days before... 1 day before Ok I have enough Time for ONE dry run! !!!BIG DAY!!! I’m so unprepared Go over the slides DAMN, my content is terrible Ok, maybe I should call in sick This stage is too big for me! (heartrate at 160) LET’S DO IT Me: Oh, NO, TOTAL FAIL!!!! Them: That was awesome!
  22. Why is it so difficult? • Impostor syndrome • Fear

    of the unknown • Feel like you should talk like a TED speaker • What if I make a fool of myself?
  23. Authenticity & Vulnerability • Allow yourself to make mistakes -

    humans are very tolerant to them • Take mistakes as opportunity to connect and be human • Don’t pretend - bring your full self on stage
  24. Body Language • Watch yourself in video • Ask for

    feedback • Correct it ASAP • It is difficult and requires practice
  25. Tone & Use of Silence

  26. STORYTELLING • We’ve been telling stories since 30000 BC •

    That’s our unique exponential skill • It triggers emotion, which make people remember what you said.
  27. Less is more

  28. How to fail… gracefully! What if… ◦ I freeze and

    my mind goes blank? ◦ I mess up my slides? ◦ Anything unexpected happens? Mic, clicker...
  29. Tips & Tricks • Do I need to learn my

    script by heart? • Do you need to rehearse? How many times? • How do I get started? Read this book ->
  30. • I went from hating it to be ok with

    it • It still makes me anxious, but I can sleep at night now... • I built self-confidence, and it influenced my leadership • I learned to be ok to be myself Does it ever get better?
  31. #GiveFirst My offer: 10 mentoring sessions on Public Speaking &

    Networking Tweet something about this talk with @romefort #letsmeet
  32. Thank you! Twitter: @romefort https://linkedin.com/in/romefort johann.romefort@techstars.com