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2e7087b86608d4497c209eb9ba14d8f5?s=47 Sho Kusano
October 14, 2013


The Introduction of Gondler on Go Conference 2013 Autumn


Sho Kusano

October 14, 2013

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  2. Ե࿀໋ ঁͤ୹ ɹΑ͠ ؒ᧙ग ʹ͖ͤ ɹ͵৶ https://speakerdeck.com/rosylilly/ming-duan-silian-seyoyi-nu

  3. Θ ͨ ͠ 4 I P  , V T

    B O P S P T Z M J M M Z Me
  4. ࠓ೔ͷ͓࿩ Gondler https://github.com/rosylilly/gondler http://pub.ne.jp/nishi777/?entry_id=2398896

  5. 1. Introduction of Gondler 2. Implementation details 3. FAQ 4.

    Appendix ໨ ࣍
  6. Gondler Bundler for golang. inspired by gom*. https://github.com/rosylilly/gondler * Go

    Manager https://github.com/mattn/gom Introduction of Gondler
  7. $ gem install gondler Let’s install gondler Introduction of Gondler

  8. $ go get example.com/repo/package Before gondler Introduction of Gondler

  9. $ cat Gomfile package 'example.com/repo/package' $ gondler install After gondler

    Introduction of Gondler
  10. package 'example.com/repo/package', tag: 'tag-1' Tag lock Introduction of Gondler

  11. Branch lock package 'example.com/repo/package', tag: 'branch-1' Introduction of Gondler

  12. Commit lock package 'example.com/repo/package', tag: 'commit-1' Introduction of Gondler

  13. $ gondler install Install dependencies Introduction of Gondler

  14. $ gondler build or $ gondler exec go build Build

    with dependencies Introduction of Gondler
  15. $ gondler test or $ gondler exec go test Test

    with dependencies Introduction of Gondler
  16. $ gondler exec generator or $ gondler generator Exec on

    gondler environment ref: https://github.com/samuel/go-thrift Introduction of Gondler
  17. `exec` is optional $ gondler tool Execute 'tool' or 'gondler-tool'

    Introduction of Gondler
  18. $ gondler repl > build REPL on gondler environment gondler

    repl is a experimental Introduction of Gondler
  19. ࣮ ԋ Demo https://github.com/rosylilly/gondler-sample

  20. ৄ࣮ ࡉ૷ Implementation details

  21. $ gondler install Implementation details

  22. Parse Gomfile Gomfile is default path. change by --gomfile=PATH Implementation

  23. Set GOPATH default GOPATH is .gondler/. change by --path=PATH Implementation

  24. Run go get -d example.com/package download only. don't install package.

    Implementation details
  25. Run git checkout -q commit checkout defined version(supported git and

    mercurial) Implementation details
  26. Run go install example.com/package Build and install package Implementation details

  27. Α͋͘Δ࣭໰ͱճ౴ Frequently asked questions

  28. Q. Why is gondler implemented in ruby? A. The right

    tool on the right place. Frequently asked questions
  29. Q. Why is "Gomfile"? A. For compatibility with gom. Frequently

    asked questions also "Gondlerfile" is too long.
  30. Q. How to contribute gondler? A. Look forward to your

    pull requests! https://github.com/rosylilly/gondler Frequently asked questions
  31. ෇ ࿥ Appendix

  32. Gondler  Features Resolve Dependencies of Dependencies Auto-Generate Gomfile Appendix

  33. Special Thanks: Gondler Contributors @futoase @makimoto Appendix

  34. Special Thanks: Slide Reviewers @r7kamura @__gfx__ @makimoto Appendix

  35. ͝ ਗ਼ ௌ ͋ Γ ͕ ͱ ͏ ͝ ͟

    ͍ · ͠ ͨ T h a n k y o u f o r l i s t e n i n g
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