Building Data Driven Products With Ruby

9adc244ac6b5f28e280d7f1834ce0b29?s=47 Ryan Weald
November 01, 2012

Building Data Driven Products With Ruby

Slides from RubyConf 2012 talk:

"Big data and data science have become hot topics in the developer community during the past year. This talk will show how ruby is used to build real data driven products at scale.

Data scientist Ryan Weald walks through the building of data driven products at Sharethrough, from exploratory analysis to production systems, with an emphasis on the role Ruby plays in each phase of the data driven product cycle.

He discusses how Ruby interacts with other data analysis tools -- such as Hadoop, Cascading, Python, and Javascript -- with a constructive look at Ruby's weaknesses, and presents suggestions on how Ruby can contribute more to data science in the areas of visualization and machine learning."


Ryan Weald

November 01, 2012