Convince Your Boss to Upgrade in 5 Minutes (ng-conf 2019)

Convince Your Boss to Upgrade in 5 Minutes (ng-conf 2019)

Upgrading to Angular is a waste of time and money!

That’s what your boss will say if you don’t come prepared. You and I know that Angular is better, faster, and stronger than AngularJS. We know that the CLI rocks. We know that NgRx helps us build better applications at scale. But we’re developers — we care about nerdy stuff like state management and tooling.

You think your boss cares about that stuff? Heck no! So what does your boss care about? Spoilers: it’s money.

If you’re stuck working in AngularJS, selling your boss on upgrading can be tough, especially since doing your job correctly means no one will be able to tell a difference! In this short and sweet talk, Sam Julien is going to teach you how to decode “business-speak” and convince your boss to migrate from AngularJS to Angular. You’ll learn how to use empathy and persuasion to help your boss see clearly how the leap to Angular isn’t just good for you — it’s good for the bottom line.


Sam Julien

May 01, 2019