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Research data management: An overview of current activity in libraries in Australia

Research data management: An overview of current activity in libraries in Australia

Presented at the Research Support Community Day, University of Melbourne, 3 February 2014

Sam Searle

March 31, 2014

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  1. Research Support Community Day
    University of Melbourne
    3 February 2014
    Sam Searle
    eResearch Senior Specialist
    Information Services
    Griffith University
    [email protected]
    Research data management:
    An overview of current activity in libraries in Australia
    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia License.

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  2. Common types of research data

    Statistics and measurements

    Results of experiments or simulations

    Observations e.g. fieldwork

    Survey results

    Interview recordings and transcripts, and coding applied
    to these

    Images, from cameras and scientific equipment

    Textual source materials and annotations

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  3. The changing role of data in research
    policy and scholarly communications

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  4. Funding agencies - ARC
    Funding Rules for 2015 (significant change from 2014)

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  5. Funding agencies - NHMRC
    NHMRC Funding Rules for 2014

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  6. Warwick Anderson, CEO of NHMRC
    NHMRC has updated its policy on open access to published research,
    aligning us with the practices of other international health and medical
    research funders such as the UN National Institutes of Health, the UK
    Medical Research Council and the Wellcome Trust.
    From July this year, we will be mandating the deposit of publication
    outputs arising from NHMRC funded research into an institutional
    repository within 12 months of publication.
    The next steps will be improving public and other researchers’ access to
    publicly funded data. NHMRC is a signatory to the Joint Statement on
    Data Sharing of Public Health Research, demonstrating our
    commitment to the timely and responsible sharing of public health data.
    All research funded by NHMRC to be accessible free of charge.
    The Conversation, 21 February 2012

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  7. Role of data in scholarly communications
    Journal Research Data Policy Bank
    Piwowar et al (2007) Sharing Detailed
    Research Data Is Associated with
    Increased Citation Rate. PLoS ONE 2(3):
    e308. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0000308
    Data journals
    and data papers
    Guy, M. The Rise of the Data Journal.
    Presentation at IASSIST, June 2013.

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  8. What are Australian libraries doing to
    support research data management?

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  9. Monash University

    Research Data Management
    Subcommittee (est. 2006)

    Research Data Management
    Advisory Group (est. 2009)

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  10. Annual eResearch Conference
    Birds of a Feather sessions with
    librarian participation include:

    User-Facing Data Services

    Education and Training
    Recent collaborations at Griffith include:

    Urban Water Security Research
    Alliance (UWSRA) – Qld State
    Government, Griffith, UQ, QUT, CSIRO,

    Climate Change Adaptation – Federal
    Government, CSIRO, unis, local
    government natural resource
    management (NRM) networks

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  11. In-house training for librarians at
    Monash, UQ, Griffith and others
    Training initiatives:
    • QUT Research Support
    • ALIA Research Support

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  12. Data storage
    inquiry →
    Data storage
    solutions &
    Observation &
    → issues
    repository for
    planning &

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  13. Implications and challenges

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  14. Recent advertised jobs (Australia)

    Data Librarians, Data Policy Advisor, Research Analyst, Metadata
    Analyst, Senior Research Data Management Specialist (ANDS)

    Manager, Research Data Collections (UQ)

    Digital Repositories Coordinator (VU)

    Digital Archives Specialist (UniMelb)

    Data Hubs Leader, Australian Urban Research Informatics
    Network (UniMelb)

    Research Data Coordinator/Project Manager (ACU)

    Data Librarian (UNSW)

    Research Data Curator (UniMelb)

    Data Manager, Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment (Uni of
    Western Sydney)

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  15. Recent advertised jobs (overseas)

    Research Data Management Project
    Manager (Reading)

    Research Data and Repository
    Manager (Lancaster)

    Data Librarian (LSE)

    Research Data Manager (Salford)

    Research Librarian / Data Specialist,
    Institute of New Economic Thinking

    Research Data Management
    Librarian (Open University)

    Senior Data Librarian, Assistant
    Data Librarian (Bristol)

    Research Data Management
    Service Coordinator (Edinburgh)

    Director, Research Data Service

    Data Research Librarian (Florida

    Data Management Services Librarian
    (Ohio State)

    Spatial Data Analyst/Curator,
    Informatics/Data Services Specialist
    and Biomedical/Research Services
    Specialist (Minnesota)

    Data Curator (NYU)

    Manager, Johns Hopkins University
    Data Management Services

    Director of Curation Services (Inter-
    university Consortium for Political
    and Social Research)

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  16. Changes to existing roles
    Andrew Cox, Eddy Verbaan, Barbara Sen. "Upskilling Liaison Librarians for Research Data Management". November 2012, Ariadne
    Issue 70 http://www.ariadne.ac.uk/issue70/cox-et-al
    Networks and relationships
    Generic info mgt
    Skills development
    Existing open access role
    Sharing knowledge and
    good practice
    Skills / experience gaps
    Scale and complexity
    Not always easy to apply
    current practices to data

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  17. Education
    • Few dedicated courses
    • But increasing inclusion of
    modules / components
    • Research support courses
    • Self-paced tutorials for
    librarians and researchers
    Workplace learning
    • Project secondments
    • Joint appointments
    • Peer mentoring / coaching
    • Social networks
    • Journals
    • Email lists
    • Communities of practice
    Professional development

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  18. Curriculum changes in LIS education

    Few dedicated courses (e.g. 5 LIS schools in the US
    offer graduate certificates explicitly in data

    Increasing inclusion of data management components
    in more traditional qualifications

    In Australia, Charles Sturt University began offering
    INF534 Data Management as a full-unit elective in
    Digital Curation Centre (UK). Data Management Courses and Training.
    Keralis, S. Data curation education: a snapshot. In L. Jahnke, A. Asher & S.D.C. Keralis. The Problem of Data. CLIR Publication 154.
    Washington, D.C.: Council on Library and Information Resources, 2012.

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  19. Training courses

    Content in research support courses

    Research support services for academic and special libraries (QUT, 1-week

    Reskilling for Research (ALIA, 1-day)

    Modules for librarians – self-paced or licensed for face-

    DIY Research Data Management Training Kit for Librarians
    (University of Edinburgh)

    Data Intelligence 4 Librarians - 3TU.Datacentrum (Delft,
    Eindhoven, Twente) and DANS

    RDMRose – Sheffield, Leeds and York (8 x 0.5 days)

    Self-paced training targeted at researchers

    Training Resources - UK Data Archive

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  20. Self-learning

    Research data curation bibliography


    @andsdata, @simonhodson99, @sparrowbarley, @digitalcuration,
    @researchremix, @sjDCC, and many more…

    Mendeley Group - Data Management for Librarians (200+
    members, ~200 resources listed)


    International Journal of Digital Curation

    Journal of eScience Librarianship

    Email lists

    ARL-data-sharing-support-group (US)

    ANDS-Partners – subscribe by email to [email protected]


    eResearch Australasia

    ANDS events - face-to-face workshops and regular webinars

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  21. Informal learning at work

    Project secondments

    Joint appointments / placements

    Peer coaching

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