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NYVCA & CTA 2016 Keynote: Surprising Fundraising Lessons Healthcare Startups Fail to Learn

by shah

Published March 21, 2016 in Business

This talk was given to a number of digital health startup entrepreneurs looking to raise capital and sell their wares into the USA market. It answers questions like:

* What are the most common fundraising mistakes most make again and again and how can you avoid them?
* What kinds of BS can healthcare investor and customers detect?
* What innovations can you help customers deploy?
* Where are the major opportunities to grow your business?

Key takeaways include:
* Go narrow, specialize, dive deep – talk about what’s important to your customers.
* Understand PBU: Payer vs. Benefiter vs. User
* Understand why healthcare businesses buy stuff so you can serve them in ways they find you indispensable
* The key issues/problems you’ll need to address that most fail to understand or prepare for.