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Using Cognitive Services and AI to Produce Art

Using Cognitive Services and AI to Produce Art


Dmitri Soshnikov

May 06, 2020


  1. Dmitry Soshnikov

  2. Learn about AI and Machine Learning Create Your Own Cognitive

    Portrait Think about What Does it Take to be Creative AI
  3. Detecting person’s age from a photo Try for yourself: @OhMyMirrorBot

    in Telegram! Playing computer games See short video explaining how computer learns to play Mario http://bit.ly/mar-io
  4. 20 15 40 60 10 10 15 30 20 15

    40 60 10 15 30 X X X X Age Wrinkle Index Wrinkle Index Age
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  6. Neural Network is a computer program that does a lot

    of numerical matrix computations It is not magic, though it looks like it…
  7. http://aka.ms/coserv Tags: [ "outdoor", "building", "sidewalk", "scene", "person", "man", "street",

    "holding", "brick", "walking", "front", "standing", "city", "woman", "phone", "bench", "road", "young", "wearing", "people" ] Description: Dmitri Soshnikov et al. walking down a sidewalk Objects: People, Footwear, Building
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  9. http://github.com/CloudAdvocacy/FaceStudies

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  12. Affine Transformation An image transformation that combines rotation, skew and

    zooming Can be defined by three points
  13. http://aka.ms/digiart4teens http://github.com/CloudAdvocacy/CognitivePortrait

  14. Dmitry Soshnikov, «Growing Up» 2020, cognitive portrait

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  19. Random Vector Generator (Neural Net) Discriminator (Neural Net) ✓ ✗

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  23. http://aka.ms/creative_ai

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  25. @art_of_artificial