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BII Summit - KlickZie - zChain Blockchain Technology

BII Summit - KlickZie - zChain Blockchain Technology

"The Currency Medium in the KlickZie Imagery Transaction Ecosystem" about Fast Blockchain Kelecorix Inc. creating for Tautachrome Inc. https://klickzie.io with High-Speed Transactions

Sergey Bushnyak

March 21, 2018

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  1. The Currency Medium in the KlickZie Imagery Transaction Ecosystem Dr.

    Jon N Leonard CEO Sergey Bushnyak Chief Software Architect
  2. What is KlickZie Imagery  Smartphone based imaging technology 

    Invisibly and robustly marked pictures and videos  Establishes ownership  Detects and IDs image manipulation  Adds trustability element to imagery
  3. KlickZie smartphone technology aims at  The 3 Billion smartphone

    users in the world  Their Trillions of pictures and frames of video  Making the imagery’s ownership and trustability knowable A perfect transaction ecosystem
  4. The KlickZie transaction ecosystem  Users with what they love:

    imagery  Ownership and trust established  Transactions: rights to the use of imagery  Licensing and sale  Viewing of private pictures and videos  KlickZie mediated social networking using imagery
  5. KlickZie transaction ecosystem  Super fast KlickZie blockchain (the “zChain”)

    to accommodate potentially billions of transactions  Smart contracts on the zChain to implement imagery transactions  KLK cryptocurrency as the medium of value exchange
  6. KlickZie’s vision: A billion users of the KLK cryptocurrency Making

    anew and better global cryptocurrency Invitation: We are offering an investment opportunity Buy rights to future tokens at a discount Join us in our booth
  7. Issues with modern blockchains  Slow transaction speeds  Huge

    storage footprint  Lack of Turing-complete smart-contracts
  8. ZChain Integrational Functionality  Media (Image/Video) Patented Verifcation Process 

    Media Use Rewards  Distributed Storage with Backbone servers
  9. ZChain Current State  500-1000 stable tr/s on a test

    chain  Image verifcation with authorship stamping (available to current investors)  Distributed Image Storage (via IPFS)