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Student Nurse Society Webinar slides

Bd795cab3a839ca421b288b62e72d525?s=47 Simon Mark
October 27, 2020

Student Nurse Society Webinar slides

Slides from UoL Student Nurse Society Webinar. An overview of my career and the ACP role.


Simon Mark

October 27, 2020


  1. Simon Mark Daley Advanced Clinical Practitioner in Cardiology.

  2. Pros and cons of working as an ACP and advice

    to aspiring ACPs. The 4 pillars of ACP. Questions. The role of a Cardiology ACP. Me and my career pathway. Focus on some key elements of the role.
  3. WHO AM I? Diploma in Nursing - UoN Staff Nurse

    Johnson Ward & Coronary Care Advanced Life Support 2006 2009 Charge Nurse JW & CCU 2013 BSc in Healthcare Studies: Cardiac Care - UoN 2014 Advanced Clinical Practitioner History Taking & Physical Assessment - UoL 2015 Critical Care Transfer Course 2017 MSc Advanced Clinical Practice - UoL Leadership academy Non-Medical Prescribing - UoL 2016 Married 2014 Griffin born 2017 2021 Manchester Marathon & Great North Run Moved home 2018 Greta born 2019 Everest Base Camp 2010 2022 FEEL course Syncope clinic Now 2027 Nurse consultancy Boston Marathon 50k Ultra Marathon 2021 Timeline from qualification to present day & beyond 2013 Annapurna Circuit 2012 Moved home US West Coast tour 2016
  4. STEMI - acute heart attack w/ ECG changes - NSTEMI

    and angina Chest pain suspected to be ischaemic in origin Arrhythmia & cardiac arrest Acute heart failure Syncope Valvular dysfunction Lincoln 24/7/365 Boston 0800-1900 7/7 Considered to be working at Registrar level PPCI Emergency department Cardiology beds & IP wards OOH MEAU & IAC/AMSS OP clinics - chest pain assessment, arrhythmia & post-ACS Teaching internal & external WHAT IS MY (OUR) ROLE?
  5. The Cardiology ACP's "bread & butter" UNDIFFERENTIATED CHEST PAIN

  6. Activation of cath lab team Procedure THE PPCI PATHWAY ED

    / UTC EMAS/ Helimed Inpatient GP PPCI phone Further assessment Ischaemic symptoms Coronary Care
  7. Determining the clinical significance - not always clear! UNDIFFERENTIATED ST

  8. CORONARY ANGIOGRAPHY Minutes = myocardium

  9. THE 4 PILLARS OF ACP As described above Forms the

    bulk of our role Formal; ALS, University modules, ECG workshop, departmental training, insight visits Informal teaching; nursing staff, medical colleagues, students, other MDT members Senior members of the MDT & the senior cardiology clinician on site OOH Band 7-8c (2 Consultant Nurses); We lead by example trust-wide in clinical practice & behaviours Linked to Leicester CTU & involved in variety of projects; currently rapidNSTEMI & MINAP Strong emphasis on evidence based practice
  10. Autonomous practice & independent decision making. High level of responsibility.

    ACP input highly respected by other members of the MDT. Significant investment in training compared to other roles - beyond MSc pathway. Wide variety of career opportunities. Maintain patient contact -historically lost in more senior nursing roles. Supportive peers. High expectation for self-directed study & almost continuous ongoing study. "Lone" working. Admin. High level of responsibility. Significant risk for stress/burnout. Positives; Not-so positives; WORKING AS AN ACP
  11. Go slow. It's important to consolidate each stage of your

    learning, starting from being newly qualified. The ACP pathway can be overwhelming. Don't underestimate the work & commitment involved. You will want to establish yourself for >5yrs before realistically thinking about an ACP pathway. Your career is a marathon, not a sprint. Invest in your early career and you will reap the rewards further down the line, but remember WORK-LIFE BALANCE. Know what speciality you want to pursue long term. If you are not passionate about your chosen speciality, you will not succeed as an ACP. It is challenging enough when you ARE passionate. If you don't feel drawn to a speciality, ED & acute medicine (medical assessment) etc are ideal for getting a taste of everything. You will then naturally gravitate. "Try before you buy". Take opportunities such as insight visits to inform yourself of what the role looks like on a day to day basis. People have a preconception about what an ACP spends their time doing. It is usually WRONG. Talk to us; ask us questions - we are friendly and approachable. ADVICE TO ASPIRING ACPS
  12. Thank you for listening. Questions? These slides - & other

    presentations that may be of interest - can be found at