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The Myth of the Garage

July 28, 2020

The Myth of the Garage

There is lots made of the genesis of successful start up companies, and Silicon Valley is held up as shining example of a start-up ecosystem. Much is also made of accelerators, incubators and others in stimulating or fostering the creation of new businesses.

The story goes along the lines of some ordinary guys (but rebels) without money who triumphed with their brilliant insights and determination. Just like Hewlett & Packard or Jobs & Wozniak who started in a garage. And its 'the garage' that evokes the image of the lone individual who relies on their extraordinary talents and efforts to triumph. But research has shown that these successful founders, and most others, are the product or output of other organisations. In other words, they have been conditioned and experienced in another company. Or to put another way... the process of forming a successful company is 'eminently social'.

This presentation a reproduction of a short article by The Heath Brothers titled the 'Myth of the Garage'. Its a story I wanted to retell/resell because after all, it is important to recognise.... where do successful companies actually come from?


July 28, 2020

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