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TYPO3 Neos Localization - Inspiring Conference 2014 in Kolbermoor

TYPO3 Neos Localization - Inspiring Conference 2014 in Kolbermoor

Already during the implementation of Neos 1.0, the team has spent lots of thoughts on how to handle multilingual sites. Now that 1.0 is out, big parts of the team have shifted their attention on implementing multiple languages. This talk will give a glimpse on the current status of localization. We will explain the foundational ideas and thinking behind our current implementation, and will show the current problems which we still need to solve.

#TYPO3 #TYPO3Neos #TYPO3Flow

Sebastian Kurfürst

March 29, 2014

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  1. Translation
 in Neos 1.0 Traducció Překlad Oversættelse Vertaling Käännös Traduction

    Übersetzung Μετάφραση अनuवाद Fordítás Traduzione Traducción
  2. features (Page) main (ContentCollection) … (Headline) … (Text) roadmap (Page)

    neostypo3org (Page) de (shortcut) features (Page) en (shortcut) No Connection Between Trees No Change Notifications
  3. The Goal L'objectiu Cíl Målet Het doel Tavoitteena L'objectif Das

    Ziel Ο στόχος ल(य A cél L'obiettivo La meta
  4. features (Page) main (ContentCollection) … (Headline) … (Text) roadmap (Page)

    neostypo3org (Page) Single Tree de en de en de en en en unsere-codesprints (Page) de
  5. features (Page) main (ContentCollection) … (Headline) … (Text) roadmap (Page)

    neostypo3org (Page) de en de en de en en en en_US Language Fallbacks
  6. Localization Concept Concepte de localització Lokalizace koncept Lokalisering koncept Lokalisatie

    Concept Lokalisointi käsite Lokalisierungs- Konzept Εντοπισμός έννοια *थानीयकरण अवधारणा Concetto di localizzazione
  7. Technical API $contextProperties = array( 'workspaceName' => 'live', 'dimensions' =>

    array( 'locales' => array('en_US', 'en_ZZ', 'mul_ZZ') ) ); ! $context = $contextFactory->create($contextProperties); $homepage = $context->getNode('/sites/homepage'); assert($homepage->getProperty('title') == 'Home'); ! ! $contextProperties['dimensions']['locales'] = array('de_ZZ', 'mul_ZZ'); ! $germanContext = $contextFactory->create($contextProperties); $homepageInGerman = $context->getNode('/sites/homepage'); assert($homepage->getProperty('title') == 'Startseite');
  8. User Interface Interfície d'usuari Uživatelské rozhraní Brugergrænseflade Käyttöliittymä Interface utilisateur

    Benutzeroberfläche Ενδιάμεσο με τον χρήστη उपयोगकत6 इ8टरफ़eस Felhasználói felület Användargränssnitt
  9. One More Thing una cosa més ještě jedna věc en

    ting mere Yksi asia één meer ding encore une chose ένα περισσότερο πράγμα एक और बात még egy dolog en sak till