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Front-End Ops - jQuery Conf Chicago 2014

Alex Sexton
September 13, 2014

Front-End Ops - jQuery Conf Chicago 2014

Alex Sexton

September 13, 2014

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  1. FEO

  2. Front-End Ops is the collection of things you can do

    to make serving webpages easier. opposite of harder
  3. (all of these can be measured and tracked) ((but it’s

    important to read the data right))
  4. The limiting factor of your system should be the speed

    of light. Assuming you have Fiber
  5. If I had to pick one part that was most

    important to FEOps, it’d be all of it
  6. Speed Index Over Time And then draw lines where commits

    happen. And then link to the diff between tests
  7. There should be one easy command to get everything to

    work. Vagrant can help with environments
  8. If we take care to build robust tools around these

    FEOps ideals, ! developers will need to master less, and will be able to focus on users more.