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Day1-1200-LT-Swiss Community Services

September 01, 2017

Day1-1200-LT-Swiss Community Services

Michael Spreng
Friday Lightning talk, Main hall



September 01, 2017

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  1. Tiles We render map tiles of Switzerland only (no worldwide

    coverage). Adapted standard style A basic background style Tiles in the Swiss coordinate system (EPSG 2056 and 21781) 4 local language versions
  2. Overpass We run an Overpass instance limited to data from

    Switzerland, with a matching overpass-turbo. No attic data yet. Figure: https://overpass-turbo.osm.ch
  3. Routing OSRM instance with Swiss data, updated twice a day,

    several profiles: car cycling: city and touring walking and hiking Figure: https://routing.osm.ch
  4. public transport stops comparison map For public transport stop maintenance.

    Compares OSM data with Swiss government data. Figure: https://didok.osm.ch