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Day1-1610-Validating OpenStreetMap

September 01, 2017

Day1-1610-Validating OpenStreetMap


September 01, 2017

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  1. New contributors Naturally make mistakes Not aware of OpenStreetMap Not

    aware of contribution guidelines Not familiar with editing tools Not familiar with tagging system Not aware of community
  2. Experienced contributors Make large scale edits Use powerful tools Edit

    important and very complex features Not scared of making a mistake But mistakes happen
  3. Software Simple tools attracts new users Power tools allows large

    scale editing Don’t give powerful tools to new users
  4. Protecting the map No single strategy can be foolproof We

    need as many eyes on the data as possible
  5. We need accessible tools for community to peer review data

    Over 30 tools listed on OSM Wiki None on the OSM Homepage