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Day3-0930-LT-Bus stop maintenance in Switzerland

September 01, 2017

Day3-0930-LT-Bus stop maintenance in Switzerland

Michael Spreng
Sunday Lightning talk, Main hall



September 01, 2017

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  1. Data from the Swiss government A list1 of public transport

    stops maintained by the federal office of transportation The Swiss community imported it in 2010. About 50% were not mapped. 1”Didok-Liste” on https://www.bav.admin.ch/bav/de/home/themen/alphabetische-themenliste/verzeichnisse.html
  2. Quality The initial quality of the data (mainly the positions)

    was not so good. Plan to survey all imported stops. https://didok.osm.ch There are still 4352 stops2 unreviewed since import (16%) 2as of 2017-08-09
  3. Maintenance: bit rot Mechanical edit for removed stops Further ideas

    for mechanical maintenance: Name changes, improved position, operator changed. Currently done manually Figure: comparison interface showing stops with name differences
  4. Maintenance: New stops additional information uic number (useful for timetables)

    [uic ref=*] ”full” name (also useful for timetables) [uic name=*] operator elevation Not all mappers know about this data source. Some new stops are not yet mapped.
  5. Maintenance: Example missing details Figure: Bus stop is mapped in

    OSM, but missing the uic number, name and operator. Matching is done with this uic number in this tool https://didok.osm.ch
  6. Aside: Public transport tagging Lots of awkward conversations with new

    mappers. Too much emphasis on stop position.
  7. Summary OSM is better: for many stops both directions are

    mapped separately. Importing first and improving later didn’t work. A lot of manual work. More effort needed to battle bit rot. Difficult to reach new mappers.