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Auditing What Issues You Have (or Don't Have)

March 25, 2021

Auditing What Issues You Have (or Don't Have)

3 Common Legacy Site Issues and How to Address Them.


March 25, 2021

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  1. Auditing What Issues You Have (or Don't Have) Merani Cosme

    Frontend Designer 3 Common Legacy Site Issues and How to Address Them
  2. YOUR LEGACY WEBSITE PROBLEM Levels of E ff ort Low

    E ff ort (The information you want is accessible to you) Medium E ff ort (You could probably do this with some learning or research) High E ff ort (You need to do a lot of research and analysis on that research)
  3. YOUR LEGACY WEBSITE PROBLEM Navigation Research Methods Low E ff

    ort Medium E ff ort High E ff ort Analytics Published Research Heat Maps Usability Testing Tree Testing Card Sorting Competitive Research Screen Recordings
  4. CARD SORTING EXAMPLE Images by Spencer, Donna. Card Sorting: Designing

    Usable Categories. 2009. New York: Rosenfeld Media.
  5. Keep in mind . Your site navigation should always be

    accessible and have a consistent path for the user to get back to the information they need.
  6. YOUR LEGACY WEBSITE PROBLEM Forms and Flows Research Methods Low

    E ff ort Medium E ff ort High E ff ort Published Research Form Submissions Analytics Usability Testing Competitive Research Heuristic Evaluation
  7. Forms should be simple and easy to use. They should

    give enough information to easily guide the user through the steps. Be sure to think about mobile users as well! Keep in mind .
  8. YOUR LEGACY WEBSITE PROBLEM General Site Content Research Methods Low

    E ff ort Medium E ff ort High E ff ort Usability Testing User Persona Journey Mapping User Interviews Survey Site Audit Looking at customer service chat logs/website inquiries
  9. Share important content and remove what is not necessary. Keep

    in mind . Concise content + clear design = great UX
  10. ISSUE 1: NAVIGATION Tools & Resources How-To Books ‣ Resources:

    Rosenfeld Media, A Book Apart Usability Testing ‣ Resources: Optimal Workshop, Usertesting, Lookback, Usability Hub Analytics ‣ Resources: Google Analytics, Hotjar, Crazyegg User Interviews ‣ Resources: Userinterviews, Sparkbox UX Toolkit Flowchart Published Research ‣ Resources: Sparkbox Higher Ed Navigation Study, Neilsen Norman Group, Measuring U Heuristic Evaluation ‣ Resources: Neilsen Norman Group Usability Heuristics for Interface Design Site Audit ‣ Resources: How to Clean Up Your Content Mess, How to Audit Big Websites
  11. MAIN TAKEAWAY You got this. You can use this as

    a guide to get started, remember to download these slides from the event page.