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Job Preparedness Workshop Session 4: Salary Negotiation

July 01, 2020

Job Preparedness Workshop Session 4: Salary Negotiation

Discover the tips and tricks of salary negotiation for when you get the job! Advice in this session includes learning how to assess your worth, knowing what your bare minimum price is, and some silly but effective Jedi mind tricks.


July 01, 2020

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  1. SESSION 4: SALARY NEGOTIATION Why Should You Negotiate? ‣ There

    is no reason for a company to pay you more unless you ask. ‣ People can make more than you! (A lot more). ‣ Let’s look at an example.
  2. The First Offer ‣ Both candidates are offered 50k ‣

    Lindsay accepts, and does not negotiate ‣ Katie negotiates for 55k total
  3. Every Year ‣ The company offers a 2% increase each

    year ‣ Katie additionally negotiates for a 5% increase every 2 years ‣ Lindsay never negotiates
  4. SESSION 4: SALARY NEGOTIATION It’s OK to Negotiate ‣ Understand

    that this is expected ‣ Knowing your value makes you a stronger candidate ‣ Money is only part of the equation
  5. SESSION 4: SALARY NEGOTIATION How to Negotiate ‣ Do Your

    Research ‣ Know Your Number ‣ How to Talk Numbers ‣ Jedi Mind Tricks
  6. SESSION 4: SALARY NEGOTIATION Do Your Research ‣ Do your

    research on salary range ‣ Think about benefits beyond salary ‣ Be able to articulate what you have to offer
  7. SESSION 4: SALARY NEGOTIATION Know your number. ‣ What is

    the number you need to live? ‣ Does this particular job influence your number? ‣ How do other benefits weigh in?
  8. SESSION 4: SALARY NEGOTIATION Talking Numbers ‣ Try not to

    go first ‣ If pressed, give a range ‣ If possible, wait until they want you ‣ You don’t have to divulge your current salary (!) ‣ Ask about benefits and opportunity for future growth?
  9. SESSION 4: SALARY NEGOTIATION If You’re Turned Down.. ‣ Ask

    why, if you’re comfortable So I think if you're being underpaid, that's indicative of the fact that you're probably not fully valued in a lot of other ways, and it may not be the right work environment for you ~Danielle Kayembe
  10. SESSION 4: SALARY NEGOTIATION Jedi Mind Tricks! ‣ Squash your

    fear ‣ Be comfortable with silence ‣ Say the number back to them ‣ Negotiate on a Thursday or Friday ‣ Mirror body language ‣ Power pose
  11. SESSION 4: SALARY NEGOTIATION Salary Negotiation Research Resources ‣ Salary.com

    ‣ Glassdoor.com ‣ Indeed.com ‣ Payscale.com ‣ LinkedIn Premium ‣ Levels.fyi ‣ Angelco ‣ TeamBlind.com
  12. SESSION 4: SALARY NEGOTIATION Final Workshop Resources ‣ How to

    Apply for Web Development Jobs by Lindsay Silver (https://seesparkbox.com/foundry/how_to_apply_for_ web_development_jobs) ‣ How to Land Your Next Development Job by Ricardo Fearing (https://seesparkbox.com/foundry/how_to_get_a_web _developer_job)