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実践 Cloud Functions for Firebase

by star__hoshi

Published February 20, 2018 in Technology

* Firebase.yebisu #2 - connpass https://connpass.com/event/75511/
* star__hoshi - YouTube - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxkUH6lnXfpC35h0ApDz_yA
* 1amageek/Pring: Cloud Firestore model framework for iOS - Google https://github.com/1amageek/Pring
* 1amageek/pring.ts: Cloud Firestore model framework for TypeScript - Google https://github.com/1amageek/pring.ts
* starhoshi/event-response: Handle the results of Cloud Functions like http status code and response. https://github.com/starhoshi/event-response
* Events and Triggers  |  Cloud Functions Documentation  |  Google Cloud Platform https://cloud.google.com/functions/docs/concepts/events-triggers#triggers
* starhoshi/mission-completed: Stop processing even if Cloud Functions fires multiple times. https://github.com/starhoshi/mission-completed
* Cloud Functions for Firebase を TDD で開発する - Qiita https://qiita.com/star__hoshi/items/572193910542be1863af
* Cloud Functions の単体テスト  |  Firebase https://firebase.google.com/docs/functions/unit-testing
* starhoshi/retrycf: Fire Cloud Functions again. https://github.com/starhoshi/retrycf
* starhoshi/fire-slack: Easy to send a slack notification from Cloud Functions https://github.com/starhoshi/fire-slack
* Cloud Functions の Slack 通知に Cloud Firestore データへの直リンクを貼る - Qiita https://qiita.com/star__hoshi/items/2fd87553988f5591ea84
* starhoshi/Shana: Testing utilities for Cloud Functions https://github.com/starhoshi/Shana
* starhoshi/orderable.ts: An order processing framework works with Cloud Functions for Firebase https://github.com/starhoshi/orderable.ts