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Hacking Product Intuition

Hacking Product Intuition

UX & Product Munich

Stephen M. Walker II

February 20, 2020

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  1. SMWII (Hacked) Product Discovery Problem What problem are you trying

    to solve? Map What existing solutions exist? What do you believe? What are your questions? Research Talk to people about the problem and their solution to solving it.
  2. SMWII Belief People expect and want to have a daily

    or weekly episode to listen to. Question How and when do you currently listen to podcasts? Reverse Engineer Your Beliefs
  3. SMWII • Why (did you choose this service) • What

    (is the problem it’s solving for you) • How (do you use the service) • Who (told you about it) • Where (do you use the service) • When (do you use the service) • €€€ (is it expensive)